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Greece yacht charters

When is the charter season in Greece?

The main charter season in Greece is relatively long, spanning from April to September, with a peak in July and August. Notice the interesting months of March and October, which offer a nice combination of “water warm enough to swim” and out of season prices.

What are the top reasons to charter in Greece?

  • during the main season, the daylight ends after 9pm
  • the temperatures range from 85°F – 100°F
  • over 3000 islands, enough for more than 1 lifetime
  • 20% of Greece actually consists of islands.
  • Greek food and drinks are an awesome mix of fit and tasty
  • charter prices are of great value comparing to the Caribbean or France

What is yacht charter/boat rental in Greece

Yacht charter and boat rental are synonyms of one another. The yacht charters start from Saturday and are usually rented for 6 nights/7days, therefore, most of the prices on this website are weekly. Another aspect of yacht charters in Greece is the currency. All the charter prices are shown in Euro (€) to adjust the exchange rate fluctuation.

All yacht charter from Greece have insurance for deposit forfeiture and sometimes for trip cancellation.

Top yacht charter areas in Greece


The famous group of islands in the Aegean is named after of the cyclic shape the islands form. Poseidon turned the Cyclades nymphs into islands, which now seem to be dancing around the sacred island of Delos. But why charter there?


One look at Santorini, and the reason to charter in the Cyclades is clear. The relaxed atmosphere, genius loci, clear waters and good sailing conditions make this place one of a kind. Island hopping is second perhaps only to the Caribbean.

Sandy beaches and clear water away from the mainland are very popular with the charter guests. Even historically, did you know that Cousteau was trying to find Atlantis in this area?

As for sailing, the winds are ideal in the morning, before the winds pick up in the afternoon and die in the evening.

Santorini is definitely a must for your charter in Greece. It’s actually a group of islands 120mi from mainland Greece. The unique steep landscape is caused by an ancient (not active) volcano. Tripadvisor has ranked Santorini as #1 island in Europe.


Naxos is a treasure of the Cycladic islands. Being the biggest of the Cycladic islands, Naxos is a popular yacht charter destination because of it’s green hills and long beeches.  It is close to the popular islands of Mykonos, Ios, Paros and Santorini. Naxos has a beautiful port city in the northwest of the island with restaurants, cafes, shops and a fragment of Apollo’s Temple called Portara. Most beaches are on the western side of Naxos, especially Plaka Beach, or Mikri Vigla beach- the north side is ideal for kiteboarding and windsurfing

Types of yachts available for a charter in Greece

There are two main categories to sort the yachts, crew and the number of hulls. Crew can include crewed yachts or captain only yachts.

Crewed yachts

Crewed yachts have a skipper and at the minimum, a chef. For larger yachts, the crew size can go up to well over 10 people, depending on the yacht size.

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Captain Only

Captain only yachts are more budget friendly, as they only have a skipper. Note that the skipper needs a cabin, so you are usually looking at the cabins you need + 1 cabin for the captain.

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Sailing yachts

Sailing yachts are a great choice for Greece, as the distances allow for smooth sailing. With steady breeze and virtually an unlimited number of destinations, sailing in Greece is a great choice. Sailing yachts are usually monohulls with various lenghts.

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Catamarans are a family friendly boat with two hulls and a large size of deck. Most of the catamarans (all except power catamarans) do have sails, so you can still cruise into the sunset. The most fun part about catamarans is the fact that there is much more room, so dinners or afternoon cocktails are definitely different. At the same time, getting in and out of a catamaran is generally easier, which makes the catamarans a clear choice for larger groups and families.

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Power Catamarans

Power catamarans are two hulled yachts without sails. Since the power cats usually have powerful engines, they are all about speed and convenience.

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Best Greek islands for sailing

The most popular islands to charter in Greece are:


Levitha is not the most obvious choice for anyone visiting Greece. It doesn’t have the party lifestyle of Crete, it’s not as geared-up for tourists as Rhodes, and it lacks some of the distinctive elegance that draws so many to Santorini. Levitha is small, relatively uninhabited, and there are no hotels, resorts, water parks, horse riding schools, or car rentals to greet you.

However, Levitha has something that few other Greek islands have, something that every tourist can appreciate and that no one will forget in a hurry. Levitha has charm—it’s a modest island inhabited by a single family that operates more like a large family estate than a Greek island.

But don’t think for a minute that you’re somehow trespassing by visiting Levitha, because that’s simply not the case. Not only are the islanders more than happy to greet tourists, but they greet thousands of them every year and welcome them to their family restaurant. They are personal tour guides, chefs, servers, and locals all rolled into one.

The great thing about Levitha is that it feels like you’re visiting friends, and if you’re been to the island more than once then you might be—the islanders never forget a friendly face.

We have included stops at Levitha on several of our sample sailing itineraries. It may have seemed like an odd choice at first glance (although hopefully not for anyone who has read what we wrote above) but it’s the perfect island to visit after experiencing the hustle and bustle of islands like Kos and Rhodes.

It’s like stopping off to see old friends after taking a road trip to a busy city. No matter where you go, if you have some time to spare and you want to see a different, friendlier and more humble side of the Greek islands, then make time for a visit to Levitha.


Patmos is a small island of great significance, as it’s here that the Book of Revelations is said to have been written. The last book of the bible is accredited to the disciple John, who apparently received his vision while staying in a cave on the island.

This cave can be seen by tourists visiting the island and that, in addition to the wealth of churches and monasteries, is why Patmos has become a hotspot for Christian pilgrims. You don’t need to be religious to enjoy Patmos though as there is an aura of peace and elegance that everyone can appreciate, regardless of their religious preference.

This is why we recommend that sailers plot a course for Patmos when sailing a charter in the region. It’s located in the Dodecanese, which means it tends to be overshadowed by the busier islands of Kos and Rhodes, but Patmos also attracts hordes of tourists every season, with its population of less than 3,000 exploding every Spring and Summer.

In days gone by Patmos didn’t have a great deal to offer tourists looking to actually stay on the island. The accommodation was bare, lacking comfort and luxury—the sort of place you’d expect a monk to stay and not a high-paying tourist. This has changed in recent years though and Patmos is now more than capable of catering for high-paying tourists looking for something a little more luxurious.

If you find yourself on the island of Patmos make sure you visit the local museums, churches and monasteries—there is a lot of history to see and a lot of spirituality to immerse yourself in. Once you’ve done all of that then you can spend some time on the beaches, because like all Greek islands Patmos is surrounded by pristine rocky beaches and crystal clear seas.


The island of Leros is located in the Dodecanese region, a stone’s throw away from islands like Lipsi, a little further away from islands like Rhodes, and about 200 miles away from Athen’s main port. This makes it fairly accessible, which is why you’ll see a number of tourists on this island every season, even though it’s relatively small.

One of the biggest features on Leros is the Knights of Saint John castle, which was built during the medieval age. This castle and the surrounding area will give you a taste of what life was like in the middle-ages in Greece, something that you rarely get to experience in other parts of the country.

You can also see your fair share of ancient Greece as well, as this island played an important role in the Peloponnese Wars nearly 2,500 years ago, before falling under the command of the famous Spartan civilization. Leros has also been under the control of Alexander the Great, the Romans and several modern civilizations, so there is shortage of history waiting to be unearthed on these rocky shores. You can learn all about it by visiting the sites directly or by dropping into one of the island’s museums.

Some of the best kept historic buildings on Leros are those built by the Venetians and Byzantines, including churches and monasteries. It also has dozens of miles of pristine coastline, as well as the promenade of Lakki, all of which makes for a great walking or cycling tour.

If you’re taking a sailing charter in the Dodecanese region, then make sure you put a pin on the island of Leros and stop by at some point. You can find more information on our charters by using the menus above—we even have some recommend itineraries in the Dodecanese that will show you the best that this region, and Greece on the whole, has to offer.


Lipsi is one of the more unusual islands in the Aegean sea. Also known as Leipsoi, this island is located between the islands of Samros and Leros in the Dodecanese region and is well worth a visit by anyone taking a sailing charter in this region.

Lipsi offers visitors access to a slower pace of life, one that focuses less on grand activities and luxury accommodation and more on local food and culture. Visitors to the island should drop by the local shops and restaurants to sample the wealth of great food and drink that is made here. This includes the island’s very own Greek honey, which is produced from wild thyme, as well as it’s own cheese, which is known as touloumotyri. This cheese is somewhat similar to the Greek cheese mizithra, which Greeks like to add to spanakopita and to sprinkle liberally over pasta.

There are also grape vines on the island, which means one thing: wine. Grab a bottle of the local vino to enjoy with a little cheese and honey as you chill on the beaches and watch the sun go down.

No visit to the island of Lipsi is complete without a little nourishment and a lot of sunshine, but visitors should also drop by the local churches and monasteries. These pristine buildings will unlock a spiritual side of you that you may not have thought existed, and they’ll also teach you about the history of the island and the Dodecanese region.

Hikers will also get a kick out of Lipsi as there are some great walking trails. These trails include a path that stretches for nearly 1,000 meters and connects one part of the island with another—make sure you pack your walking boots if you plan on traversing this path for yourself. Some of that local honey won’t go amiss either, it’ll give you all the energy you need to slog onwards.


Situated between Tilos and Kos in the Dodecanese, Nisyros is a small island with a big heart and a wealth of ancient and modern history for visitors to explore. If you’re taking a sailing charter in the region the we recommend making a stop at this island, but it can also be visited on a day-trip from one of the near-by islands and some guests even choose to fly in by helicopter—the next big thing to arriving on your own personal yacht.

Nisyros is a volcanic island and there are still some indications of this destructive history today, including the Stefanos crater, which is said to have been formed over 100,000 years ago. The winds on this island can also be very strong thanks to something known as the Etesian winds, which leaves its mark on the island’s western and eastern perimeter during the summer months.

Don’t let that put you off though—this is no longer an active volcanic region and they don’t even get that many earthquakes.

Nisyros also plays a unique role in Greek history and mythology. It was apparently formed when Poseidon ripped off a piece of neighboring island Kos and threw it at a retreating giant, and it was of great importance to the ancient Greeks, who built an acropolis here over 2,500 years ago, and the Knights Hospitaller, who settled here in the 14th century.

Obviously, there are no remains of that great mythological battle between the sea god and a fleeing giant, but visitors to the island can still see some ruins that are over 2,500 years old and they can also see a lot of the medieval history left by the Knights Hospitaller.

There are also a number of beautiful churches and monasteries on the island of Nisyros, in addition to an ancient castle. In other words, there is more than enough to sate the appetite of any history-hungry tourist.


The island of Astypalea is part of the Dodecanese. It’s small, totaling less than 100 square kilometers, but it still attracts plenty of tourists and provides them with a multitude of activities.

Astypalea played a key role in the history of this region. It was the birthplace of Onesicritus, a Greek historian who accompanied Alexander the Great throughout his campaigns, and it has also been home to several early Greek tribes, before becoming part of the Byzantine and Venetian empires in later centuries.

Some of this ancient history remains on the island today, and the best place to see and experience it is in Astypalea Castle. This landmark was built on the highest point and it looms over the island. It requires a lot of walking and climbing to reach, but once there it provides visitors with some of the best views in the region and is the perfect place to watch the sun set on an evening.

The town of Astypalea, also known as Chora, is also a breathtaking site. Again, it requires a lot of walking for anyone looking to see every inch of it, and there are also many hundreds of steps to climb, but its beauty can rival that of the more famous Santorini, making it well worth the effort.

There are a number of rocky beaches around the island where guests can relax and unwind, and there are also some great bars and restaurants to partake in Greek cuisine and chat with some of the locals.

If you are taking a sailing charter in the Dodecanese region then make sure you plot a course for Astypalea. It may not have the bustling activity and tourist-centric attractions of Kos and Rhodes, but it has a charming elegance all of its own that makes it well worth a visit.


Tilos is part of the Dodecanese group of islands and sits between the two most popular islands in this group: Kos and Rhodes. It’s not as big as these two islands and it doesn’t attract anywhere near as many tourists, but it has a charm all of its own and there are plenty of reasons why you would want to set sail for this small island in the Aegean Sea.

Tilos has been described as everything from “Small and Quiet” to “Insignificant”, but those who have actually been there know it as “A Hidden Gem”, and once you pay a visit you’ll understand just what they mean.

Like all Greek islands, Tilos is naturally beautiful, with crystal clear waters, rising mountain peaks, and panoramic views of the beautiful Aegean Sea. But it also possesses an untouched, unspoiled quality that you won’t find on any neighboring islands, or any other Greek islands for that matter.

This is because Tilos isn’t swarmed by tourists every year and it hasn’t destroyed its natural beauty in order to make way for bustling ports, airports and resorts. It is the perfect island for visitors looking for a little more solitude, a little more natural beauty, and a lot less activity. That’s why we recommend it as a stop to anyone taking a charter in the Dodecanese, and as a day-trip for anyone spending a prolonged period of time on the islands of Kos or Rhodes.

Its status as an untouched and unspoiled islands means Tilos is perfect for hikers and explorers, but there’s also plenty to see for anyone who appreciates the natural world. Not only is there a rich cornucopia of natural flowers and fauna (including some delicious culinary herbs) but the island is also a refuge for a number of rare birds and for an abundance of beautiful sea-life.

It’s basically a protected, secluded nature park in the middle of the Aegean sea, albeit one that you can visit for free and enjoy at your leisure.


Kalymnos is one of the richest islands in Greece, and it’s also the third largest in the Dodecanese region. It’s only a dozen miles south of Kos and is popular with domestic travelers as well as international ones.

The history of Kalymnos is diverse and visitors to this island can immerse themselves in this history with a visit to the Castle of Chora or the old town. Both of these locations provide some direct insight into the history of the island and will keep all ages happy. There are also a couple of museums on the island with exhibits that showcase the island’s ancient and modern history.

A lot of great and important archeological finds have been made on the island of Kalymnos over the last century or so, including Mycenaean pottery that dates back over 3,000 years. A lot of the most valuable finds were acquired by the British Museum and are therefore no longer on the island, but the stories remain, and visitors can also see many other pieces that are just as old and just as integral to the history of this region.

The sponge industry used to be huge in Kalymnos, not unlike Symi. However, this changed in the 1980s when a disease destroyed crops and left the famed Kalymnos sponge divers a little out of pocket. There are still sponges harvested locally though and there is also a sponge factory that sells these local sponges in addition to many imported ones.

If you visit the local museums you can also learn about the Kalymnos sponge trade, but there’s more to this island than sponges. Visitors to the island can strap on their climbing gear and take part in the climbing and bouldering activities that are available all year round, or they can pay a visit to the local parks, beaches and museums.


Symi, which can also be spelled “Simi”, is an affluent, beautiful, and somewhat unique island located in the Dodecanese region of Greece. It’s not one of the biggest, not by a long stretch, but it’s still popular with tourists and once you step foot on the island and drink-in all that natural beauty you’ll understand why.

There is a lot to see and do on the island of Symi, but many of the sights and activities revolve around sponges. In the 19th century Symi became one of the biggest sellers of natural sponges in Greece, all of which were scavenged from the seabed by local divers. It was a dangerous business and it required a lot of nerve, thus earning these sponge-divers the respect of islanders across Greece.

The history of this profession can be seen and studied in all its glory in the local maritime and archeological museums, where you’ll also get to see some ancient sponges for yourself. You can also buy some of these sponges—picking up the perfect memento of your time on the island.

It’s worth noting, however, that this trade is not what it was and very few sponges are actually still harvested in and around Symi. Most of the ones you will find in the local shops have been imported and there are no divers trying their luck—in fact, there are actually very strict rules that prohibit diving around the island and there is also a distinct lack of diving schools and activities.

Still, those sponges and the sponge industry in general made this island what it is today (it became hugely rich and popular because of this trade) and you’ll be able to witness this history for yourself.

The main reason people visit Symi today is to enjoy some solitude, as the island has plenty of beaches, bars and other relaxing activities.


Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese and a must-visit for anyone booking a charter in the region. It attracts thousands of tourists every season, most of which congregate on the island’s beautiful beaches, and tourism is by far the biggest industry on the island.

There is a lot of ancient and modern Greek history to discover in Kos. This island was first mentioned by Homer in his Iliad and it was colonized by some of the earliest known Greek tribes, before becoming involved in the Greco-Persian wars many years later.

A lot of this history can be seen throughout Kos, with ruins of castles, palaces, and an ancient odeon. The island was also inhabited by the Romans, Ottomans, Byzantines and Genoese, and snippets of this history can also be discovered in the island’s ruins, architecture, and many museum exhibits.

You can immerse yourself in all of this by partaking in one of the island’s tours, including sunset tours by 4×4, or private tours at any time of day. They will show you the best of Kos and they’ll make sure you witness all the natural beauty of this island as well, giving you ample opportunity to snap some memorable pictures for your scrapbook.

There’s much more to Kos than ancient history. Modern Kos is an island paradise, with gorgeous beaches, great bars, and a host of fun activities. There is plenty of great food to sample, including some locally grown produce. Kos grows some of the best figs, olives and almonds in all of Greece, and you can also buy plenty of juicy tomatoes that are grown locally.

If you want something a little stronger, try the local wine or grab yourself a glass of chilled ouzo—just what you need to relax on an evening as you watch the sun go down.


Situated in the Saronic Gulf, Epidaurus is an ancient city that attracts many modern tourists and plays a key role in the Peloponnese tourism trade. Epidaurus is best known for its ancient theater, which is what attracts many of those tourists in the first place, but there’s a lot more to see and do in this town of over 8,000 inhabitants.

The Ancient Theater itself is a spectacle that is sure to make even the most hardened of historians go weak at the knees. It is thought to be the most aesthetically and acoustically perfect theater in the ancient world and it remains every bit as beautiful today as it did when it was first built.

Tourists can walk up and down the steps of this open-air theatre and they can also visit the nearby archeological site and museum. The Epidaurus ancient theater also plays host to a number of theatrical performances and lectures thought the year, and it is the perfect place to experience an ancient Greek play as the ancients themselves would have experienced it.

One of the most astonishing aspects of this theater is its acoustics. Someone standing in the middle of the stage and talk and be heard throughout the stands—a feat of architectural brilliance that has inspired many other stadium and theater designers.

The ancient town of Epidaurus also played a key role in Greek mythology. It is said to be the birthplace of Apollo’s son Asclepius, who was the god of medicine in Greek mythology, and in ancient times it was also one of the centers of healing in the Greek empire. In fact, the healing center at Epidaurus (known as an asclepeion after the aforementioned Greek god) was praised all over the ancient world and was as well known to the Romans as it was to the Greeks.


Ermioni is a popular tourist destination located in the Peloponnese. Like all Greek islands, it played a key role in antiquity, building many of the ships that would become essential in both trade and war, and also producing a unique type of red pigment that was used to color the uniforms of Greek soldiers. The people of Ermioni also played a role in the Trojan war, as described by Homer, and in later centuries the island was conquered by the Romans and other civilizations.

It is a town that thrives on tourism and fishing, which means there is plenty for tourists to see and do here and there is also no shortage of seafood to try. The calm, turquoise waters that surround the island are regularly inundated with yachts, and on the 6th of January you’ll see a few of the locals diving in these waters as part of a tradition that also sees them visit houses in the town and offer well wishes to the locals.

This friendly atmosphere and laid-back culture epitomizes all that island life is all about in Greece, and Ermioni encapsulates the Greek love of life, food and tradition perfectly. It’s a small island with a big heart and a bigger history, and that’s why the island’s population explodes every tourist season.

If you find yourself on the island of Ermioni then be sure to visit he Castle of Thermisia, which was built by the Venetians and played an integral role in defending the island against pirate attacks. The Venetians influenced many islands in this region and they have left their footprints everywhere, which makes this a great place to visit for history students as well as anyone looking for some sun, sea and sand.

It’s also a good spot for aspiring ornithologists as Ermioni plays host to several beautiful species of migrating birds.

Greece yacht charter providers

We work directly with these Greek yacht charter providers. Inquire with us and you will receive identical pricing and conditions.

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4U YachtingA wide variety of yacht charters in Greece, including mega yachts, motor yachts and gullets. Although 4U Yachting is based in Turkey, they have yachts based in Greece as well.Bagdat Caddesi No: 293 Da: 8
34728 Caddebostan - Kadikoy - Istanbul,Turkey
7 seas yachtingPrimarily a gullet provider. Specializes in weddings on boats. The three boats, MS NİRVANA, MS ARAGON and MS GALİP NUR are available for charter in Greece.Socratous 155,
85100 Rhodes,
ABSOLUTE YACHTINGA US based provider for larger yachts in Greece, with a Greek broker. Offers a wide range of boats from sailboats to mega yachts, including gullets and catamarans. 12555 Biscayne Blvd. # 490, N. Miami, USA800 280 5407, 514 623 2295http://www.absoluteyachtingcharters.com
AKASIA YACHTING INC., FETHIYE - TURKEYLuxury megayacht and gullets + motor yachts. Apart from charters, Aksia yachts is also active in yacht building and yacht sales.Babatasi Mahallesi 746 Sokak No: 4
48300 Fethiye / Mugla – Turkey
00 90 252 612 6308http://akasiayachting.com/
Aris Drivas YachtingA charter and sales agent, managing 10 large yachts available for a charter in Greece.Grigoriou Lampraki 17,
Pireas 185 33,
Athens YachtsPrimarily focusing on motor yachts (semi/heavy displacement yachts) and some sailing yachts. Has representation in Dubai and Moscow.Flisvos Marina
Building 4
Paleo Faliro, 17561
BCR LogemannFocusin not only on charters, but also on racing charters and special requests. The company is based in Germany and offers mainly sailing charters. Langenstraße 34
D-28195 Bremen
49 172 4212 643http://www.bcrlogemann.com
BluewaterBluewater provides servics like yacht charter, yacht sales, crew training,placement and management and club water. This France based yacht rental is a one stop solution to all your yacht needs.14 Avenue Mirabeau
06600 Antibes
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Blue Latitude Yachting - Nathalie DrogoulBlue Latitude Yachting is specialized in Crewed Charters and Central Agency of Yachts for private owners and clients. Fleet has more than 20 yachts mainly operated in Mediterranean & in Caribbean24, Avenue des Lilas
95230 Soisy sous Montmorency
BIG BLUE YACHTINGBig Blue Yachting works through all luxury yachting activities, specializing in the charter, sale, purchase, marketing and management of the finest yachts (motor yachts, sailing yachts). 2, Ioannou Fix str.,
P.Faliro 175 61, Athens, Greece
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BERNARD GALLAY Yacht BrokerageBGYB specializes in the yacht sales & purchase, luxury yacht charter and yacht management including finding a crew. It has offices in Paris, Montpellier, Palma de Mallorca, Moscow, Grenada, Turkey, Monaco, La Ciotat and Hong Kong.1, rue Barthez, Montpellier, France33 467 66 39 93http://www.bernard-gallay.com/
BodrumtourBodrumTour is specialised in yacht, gulet and sailing boats charters. Company Fleet ready for rent in Bodrum , Göcek , Fethiye , Marmaris and Greece HarboursUckuyular Cad. 7 / B Mugla Bodrum, Turkey90 532 355 99 86http://www.bluecruisebodrum.com/
BRAMA YACHTSBrama Yachts offers luxury catamarans and crewed yachts available for charter mainly in Greece, the East Mediterranean and the Caribbean.Not included30-210-9888202http://www.bramayachts.com/
CCI Charter LLCWeb page not availablehttp://www.charterworld.com
CharterWorld.comCharter World offers luxury yacht charters, as well as creating specialised charters according to the wishes, adventurous activities during the charter... Fleet contains sailing yachts, superyachts, catamarans, motor boats, or luxury and crewed charters. Offices of the company are all over the world. CharterWorld LLP, 85 Great Portland Street, London, United Kingdom44 207 193 7830http://diyachting.co.uk
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EXADAS YACHTSExadas Yachts is a charter company with a wide range of sailing yachts, catamarans & motor yachts with skipper or bareboat. Exadas Yachts also provides many special charters in Greek Island for special events like Honeymoon, Corporate Events, parties, wedding, Anniversary Charters, etc.Proedrou Tzanetou 3 str., Athens - Greece30 210 9844460http://www.exmaryachting.com
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EQUINOXE SrlEquinoxe Yachts, the internationally-renowned Italian yacht broker and the leading Italian luxury charter company, the world’s leading superyacht builder. Company has two directions - yacht sale and crewed or bareboat charters, going together with creating holiday itinery.
roker and the leading Italian luxury charter company, the world’s leading superyacht builder. Company has two directions - yacht sale and crewed or bareboat charters, going together with creating holiday itinery.charters, going together with creating holiday itinery.
Via dei Mille, 18 10123 Torino, Italy39 011 8185211http://www.flyingcharter.it
F & J Blue Cove LLCWeb page not availablehttps://www.fyly.gr/
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38 591 721 5142https://www.hillrobinson.com/
Greece By SailGreece by sail offers charters with skippers, catamarans and yachts. Palaion Patron Germanou, 13
30 6978 196 667https://www.istion.com/
Hill Robinson Yacht Management ConsultantsHill Robinson is the leading independent yacht management company offering unparalleled services to international clientele worldwide. It´s specialised in project management for your new build or refit, full management for your existing superyacht or for a tailor made selection of our services. not mentionedhttp://marine-project.com/en/
ISTION YACHTINGIstion Yachting was recognized as a leading yacht charter company in Greece offering bareboat, skippered and crewed yacht charters throughout Greece, as well as new and used yacht sales. Leoforos Alimou 17
Alimos, Greece
30 210 981 1515http://www.mediaship.it/en/
Marine Project YachtcharterPage is currently getting updated, no info visible444 Brickell Ave Suite 51103 Miami, FL 33131 United States49 170 44 999 00http://miryayachting.com/
Media Ship Charter SrlMedia ship is expertised in brokerage (mediation services during selling & buying and trade-in processes for motor and sailing yachts, both new and used - search and sell) and charter (mediation services during boat renting with/without skipper and renting motor and sailing boat). As additional service you can find training offers.
Viale Traiano, 2700054, Fiumicino, Italy39 06 65 22 258/9http://www.multihull-yachting.com/en/
Mirya Yachting InternationalMirya Yachting is a global yacht charter and brokerage firm specializing in private gulet charter and gulet sales in the Eastern Mediterranean. Holiday management included.not mentionedhttps://miryayachting.com/
Multihull Yachting PCCMultihull Yachting PCC is exclusive manager of the catamarans and yachts, so their work area is charter and holiday management. Olympic Marine
77th Km Athens Sounio Av
Lavrio, Greece
3022920 60298http://neoyachting.com/
MUTLUTUR YACHTING LTDMutlutur Yachting is a turkey based yacht company which provides yacht sales and brokerage, yacht construction and luxury yacht charter in Eastern Mediterranean. Its crewed yacht charters consists of Motor Yachts, Motor Saielrs/Gulets, Mega Yachts and Sailing Yachts. Mutlutur Yachting also provides other services like maintenance of yacht, refit and repair, fuel bunkering, private aircrafts/helicopter hires, food and beverages supply, harbor formalities and customs handling, crew hiring, berth arrangement and other miscellaneous services.Cevizli Mah. Tugay Yolu Cad. Kurşunlu Sok. Deluxia Dragos, Turkey90 216 305 01 56http://www.oceanyachting.com/
Neo Yachting SASNeo Yachting SAS head-offices are located in Nice and Singapore, However it is present all over the globe including Hamburg, Praha, Hong Kong, Oslo, Helsinki, Beijing, Warsaw & Stavanger. From Yacht Charter, Sale and Purchase to the construction of a custom-designed yacht, they will guide you through your project in Yachting.Neo Yachting SAS, 26Quai Lunel, Nice, Francenot mentionedhttp://www.parsifal.gr/
Ocean YachtingThe company is specialised in charters - motor/sail yachts, gulets - and holiday management. Via Saragozza, 24, Bologna, Italia39 (051) 6440196https://www.riginosyachts.com/
PARSIFAL YACHTING S.A.The company can advise on and assist with a wide range of needs, from refits to new builds, from small scale provisioning to large scale engineering systems, yacht sales, cruising itineraries and charters. They also partner with the leading global organizations in the super yacht industry to augment their own comprehensive offering and provide a suite of products, team of people and skillsets that cover all bases and requirementsParsifal Yachting SA
69 Posidonos & AlimouAve.
Alimos, Athens
30 210 9880572http://www.romeoyacht.com/
Riginos YachtsRiginos Yachts is specialized in all luxury yachting activities in Greece, such as sale and purchase, chartering, marketing and management of the finest yachts in the world.27 Pergamou Street
Glyfada, Greece
30 210 9621274http://sailingparadise.com/
ROMEO YACHT CAThe company´s main interest is yacht charters, yacht management and purchase and sale in Mediterranian and Caribbean. 20976 8th Avenue West
Summerland Key, Florida, USA
33(0)783 45 15 61http://www.seascapeyachts.com/en/
Sailing Paradise Inc. Company expertise are yacht charters, yacht design, construction as well as yacht management. Their offices are in Patchogue, NY – Athens, Greece – and Wiesbaden, Germany57 Patchogue Street, Patchogue, New York631 207 6777https://www.selectyachts.com/
Seascape Yacht ChartersSeascape Yachts spreads its areas of activities to chartering, management, sales, new construction and brokerage of crewed yachts. Clients are assigned their own charter broker.29, Posidonos Ave & 1, Gr. Afxentiou Str 174 55 Alimos, Greece30 210 9858301http://www.serenityyachting.com/
Select YachtsSelect Yacht is experienced in charters, yacht management and sales. 1954 2463 815http://www.sofiyat.com/
SERENITY YACHTINGSerenity Yachting’s charter business offers trips along coastlines of Turkey, Greece and Croatia from April through November. The company expanded to offer yacht management, charter management and brokerage services.Based in Turkey. Haci Emin Efendi Sok. No: 13/8
Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey
90 (212) 240 5390http://www.sshmaritime.com/
Sofi Yacht Charter & BrokerageThe company, SofiYAT, located in Istanbul – Turkey, offers multiple yachts including superyacht, motoryacht, gullet, sailing, catamaran, yacht sales and luxury yacht charter with A+ approach in the top Mediterranean (Turkey, Montenegro, Greece, Italian-French Riviera, Croatia, Ibiza-Palma, Spain) and Caribbean-Bahamas cruising destinations. SofiYat also provides sales and purchases of yachts.Altintepe Mh. Cihadiye Cd. Bulut Apt.
B Blok No: 1 – Maltepe, Istanbul, Turkey
90 216 388 08 87http://www.sunreef-charter.com/
Sovereign Sea HermesSSH Maritime covers a full spectrum of services from sales and chartering to management, refits and new builds. The company has offices in Europe, the US, Mexico, and Asia.Areos 2A, Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece30 210 89 64 130http://www.swellyachting.com/
Sunreef Yachts CharterSunreef Yacht Charter os specialised in charters, yacht management and holiday management. Highly educated staff follow the highest standards. 33 970 447 052http://titanbrokerageservices.com/
SWELLYACHTING LTDSwellyacht offers yacht management services, charters and sales of new or second-hand yachts. Additional service - range of services including docking berths, transportation and transfers, flight services (including helicopters), hotel and hospitality services, restocking your yacht, delivery of spare parts to your yacht, wherever it may be and fuel supply and storage services.972 74 702 4321http://catamaran-mykonos.vacations/index.php/en/company-info
Titan Brokerage ServicesTitan Brokerage Services can provide an insurance practice with the products and tools needed to execute the sales and service processes for its clients. Support services - prospecting strategies, case design, impaired risk underwriting, application preparation, case management, placement preparation, post-placement servicing notifications, active industry updates, technology support. 1031 Farmington Ave., Floor 3
Farmington, CT 06032, USA
860 798 5518http://valefyachts.com/
Tiziano MCPYTiziano Yacht & Emotions is a company that provides you luxury sailing yacht rentals in Greece with the main base in Mykonos (Cyclades).17 Theomitoros Street, Alimos 17456, Athens, Greece30 6946 668 169http://www.veladare.com/
VALEF YACHTSThe company is Greece’s pioneer luxury yacht chartering company and experts in Yachting, offering full-service, luxury yacht charters throughout Greece, Turkey, the Adriatic and the West Mediterranea. A fleet is a wide selection of crewed charter yachts can be browsed here, from mega yachts, motor yachts, motor sailers and sailing yachts. The company has useful experience in yacht chartering, sales, owning, and crew management, founding key yachting associations, founding Greece’s first yachting magazine, years of forged and bonded client relationships, involvement in environmental and sea protection, and continued repeat and referral clients .2, Plotarchou, Hadjikonstanti Str.185 36 Piraeus, Greece30 210 4182381/92http://vernicosyachts.com/
Vela Dare YachtsTurkey based company offers charters with gulets, motor yachts, catamarans and cabon charters. Additionally, they do world wide charters. Defne Sk. No:3 48310 Gocek, Turkey90 533 725 4801http://www.yachtlove.gr/
VERNICOS YACHTS SAVernicos Yachts offers yachts for professional and private use which includes a variety of sailing yachts, motor yachts and catamarans. Its services also includes procurement, crewed yacht charter and sales of yachts (new and second-hand).11 Poseidonos Avenue17455, Alimos, Greece30 2109896000https://y.co/yacht/sherakhan
YachtloveThe company's activities include charter management, sales, brokerage and chartering of luxury crewed yachts. 71 Posidonos Ave.16675,Glyfada, Greece302108948288http://yacht-charter-gulet.com/index.php
YCO - SherakhanThe company is specialised in yacht charters, yacht purchase and sale, yacht management, built and refit, charter management and yacht marketing. Their offices are based in London, Morocco and USA. 18 Coulson Street
London Sw3 3nb
44 20 7584 1801https://www.westcoastint.com/
VILLEGAGNONS-PLAISANCEThe company can provide gulet charters, charters and holiday management. 16 bis rue d'Odessa 75014 Paris33 (0) 9 77 30 46 83http://www.worthavenueyachts.com/
West Coast InternationalWest Coast International specialising in sale, charter and management of luxury superyachts around the world. Sterling House, Fulbourne Road
London UK
44 788 59 12 512https://www.westcoastint.com/
Worth Avenue YachtsWAY is specialised in purchase and sale, as well as yacht charters and built and construction. Offices are in USA and Monaco. The Esplanade
150 Worth Avenue
Suite 136
Palm Beach, USA
1 (561) 833 4462http://www.worthavenueyachts.com/

Most popular Greek sailing areas

The most popular sailing areas in Greece are:

  • The Argo-Saronic gulfs
  • The Cyclades islands
  • The Ionian islands
  • The Dodecanese islands
  • The Sporades islands
  • Northern Greece

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