Note that the video, text, and images are only a suggestion, your broker and captain will advise on the feasibility of this itinerary for your season and yacht. The video and the images were not taken on the charter.

The Ionian Sea is dotted with idyllic secluded islands and charming cosmopolitan destinations, providing the perfect setting for a yacht charter holiday. This 7 Day Ionian Sea yacht charter is the perfect way to discover some of the region’s most beautiful anchorages while soaring across azure waters. In this itinerary, you will see the norther part of the Ionian, including the island of Corfu and the coastal towns of Parga and Sivota. Under the seasoned and professional guidance of your skipper, you will explore charming ports and some of the finest blue seas in the world for swimming and snorkelling such as Alonaki, Vrika and Voutoumi.

Yacht Charter Day 0 – Arrival in Corfu

The island of Corfu will be the start of your Ionian Sea charter adventure. Known for its rich history, spectacular azure windows, and old-charm romance, stepping foot on Corfu is like being transported into another world. The island retains the influence of its Venetian past, and in addition to its impressive 217km coastline, has a ton to offer in terms of its cultural landmarks and cuisine. If you arrive early, you will have the opportunity to wander the streets before joining us onboard for check-in.

ionian yacht itinerary corfu
Agios Stefanos Cape, Corfu

Yacht Charter Day 1 – Corfu to Sivota

Sivota is a coastal village on the mainland of Greece, only a half an hour’s drive from the port of Igoumenitsa. Despite it being a mainland destination, Sivota has a unique island feel to it. The coastline of Epirus is also known as the Epirus Riviera and remains one of the best-kept secrets for tranquil holidays in the northwestern part of Greece. Countless caves, stunning beaches, and small islets surround the small village. Among them, you will find the unspoiled beaches of Bella Vraka and Alonaki.

Sivota, Ionian Sea

Yacht Charter Day 2 – Sivota to Parga

On Day 2, we leave Sivota behind for the picturesque bay of Parga. The town is built high on a verdant hill overlooking the nearby islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. In the center of the bay, we find the small islet of Panagia, a charming white church dedicated to the Holy Mary. The spot around the islet is great for snorkeling or diving. While much less known to international visitors, Parga boasts a luxurious holiday destination that rivals that of famous islands in the Cyclades like Mykonos and Santorini. Fantastic beaches with soft stretches of ivory sand can be found all around.

Parga, Greece

Yacht Charter Day 3 – Parga to Antipaxos

The next day we set sail for the small islet of Antipaxos, arguably one of the best places for swimming, diving, and snorkeling in all of the Ionian. The warm, shallow waters are perfect for the whole family to enjoy, and arriving by yacht charter has the added benefit of allowing us to beat the crowds. Set amongst the olive groves, we will find the beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi that will undoubtedly make it on your list of best beaches in the world.

Antipaxos, Greece

Yacht Charter Day 4 & 5 – Antipaxos to Paxos

Some places are worth staying in for a bit longer. This is the case with Paxos, voted by Conde Nast Traveller as one of the best Greek islands to visit in 2022 for “seclusion and sophistication”. With less than 2000 inhabitants, but more than 200,000 visitors during the summer, Paxos is a dreamy spot where your Greek holiday wishes can come true. The small town of Gaios is a great place to explore when and if you feel like stepping away from the water. Visitors that are tempted to leave the yacht, will find a friendly and welcoming island with cozy restaurants and cafes and quaint shops for Greek souvenirs.

Paxos Island, Ionian

Yacht Charter Day 6 – Corfu and nearby bays

Cruising back towards the island of Corfu, there is still plenty to see and explore around its shores. With a spot on the list of the top 10 largest islands in Greece, Corfu offers stunning bays and coves that we will explore from the comfort of our yacht. Compared to the Aegean, the Ionian Sea provides calm and balmy winds that will allow us to cruise undisturbed towards all the well-known and hidden spots. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving, but there is always the option of lounging on the deck. You can look forward to exploring the quaint fishing village of Petriti, the vibrant harbor of Mandraki, and countless coves and secluded bays.

ionian yacht itinerary corfu
Corfu, Porto Timoni

Yacht Charter Day 7 – Return to Corfu

On our final day, we will make our way back to Corfu for disembarkation. We highly recommend adding a few more days to your itinerary to explore the towns and villages of Corfu and get a taste of the local culture, food, and ways of life. The Ionian islands have so much to offer, so if you wish to extend your charter trip, we recommend checking our other Ionian Sea itineraries that include the islands of Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, and Ithaka.

ionian yacht itinerary corfu
Corfu, Porto Timoni

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