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Luxury Hotels and Restarants for Mykonos Yacht Charter

Mykonos is the ultimate Greek destination. An island with a unique character, beauty, and lifestyle, it transcends all the tourist stereotypes that often characterize Greece, to create an entity that is all its own, very different from anywhere else, yet encompassing the elements that have made Greece a desirable place over the decades – elements such as the sparkling, azure waters of the Aegean, the natural beauty of the Cyclades, the Mediterranean lifeendowing sunlight, the hospitality and laissez-faire attitude of the locals. Well organized, clean, and tidy to a fault, as a village home cared for by its fastidious inhabitants, Mykonos offers a luxurious, carefree escape. To be able to better enjoy your stay on the island, let us suggest some of the best accommodation and dining options available

Luxury Hotels in Mykonos

1. Habitat Mykonos

Located just steps away from the village of Agios Stefanos, this bohemian-chic paradise, all-suite hotel is the perfect hideaway for immersing yourself in the laid-back rhythm of Mykonian life.

All accommodations at Habitat effortlessly mix simple, rustic details with modern amenities and contemporary comforts. All come adorned with bohemian artisan elements, understated furnishings, plush linens and unique materials.

  • CONTACT: (+30) 228 90 7 7205 – (+30) 694 828 5500
  • EMAIL: reservations@habitatmykonos.com
  • ADDRESS: Mykonos Agios Stefanos 84600, PO Box 7159 Mykonos Island Greece

2. Mykonos Soul Luxury Suites

A hotel that pays tribute to joy, pleasure, and comfort. A space that exudes culture, designed with the wisdom of tradition and the functionality of modernism. Clean lines, and simplicity transformed into sagacious luxury. Functionality that makes the sojourn an unforgettable experience. Furniture, objects, and details compose a setting that makes a statement of creativity, an inspired expression that entails a profound understanding of guests’ needs. The wisdom of dry stone meets a well-designed swimming pool. The inventiveness of Cycladic architecture with its oval-shaped buildings limits the noise created by the fierce Aegean winds. The use of natural materials in all spaces meets the need for relaxation, reinvigoration, and enjoyment.

  • CONTACT: (+30) 228 902 7694 – (+30) 698 034 9099
  • EMAIL: info@mykonossoul.com
  • ADDRESS: Agios Stefanos, 84600 Mykonos, Greece

3. Asty Mykonos Hotel & Spa

Asty, a five-star modern-chic hotel, is an aesthetic and relaxing retreat in the heart of Mykonos. Iconic black details stand out on the green environment and blend with the general outdoor Cycladic architecture. The sophisticated and elegant indoor spaces are inspired by the Aegean culture and hospitality and include luxury and boho elements.

Positioned on the hill over the cosmopolitan Mykonos town which is known for its nightlife, but also within easy reach of the airport and the port, the hotel’s central location will satisfy every need. The hotel’s spacious gym offers all necessary equipment to keep up to your training routine. Stay fit during your stay at Asty hotel and pass by the Pool Bar for a refreshing drink after a hard session. You may also book a massage treatment on our Wellness Studio that will provide you with a sense of renewal and joy, intrinsic qualities of the Greek culture.

  • CONTACT: (+30) 228 91 0 0310 – (+30) 22890 24620
  • EMAIL: info@astymykonos.com
  • ADDRESS: School Of Fine Arts, Mykonos Town, 846 00, Mykonos,
    Cyclades, Greece

4. Destino Pacha Mykonos

Member of the famous Pacha Group that operates deluxe hotels, clubs and restaurants in Ibiza, Barcelona, Italy and Mykonos, the DPM is the latest addition in a chain of unique establishments.

Destino Pacha is Mykonos’ adult playground, offering a legendary pool scene, a fantastic selection of dining concepts, stylish spaces and exclusive wellness treatments, surrounded by a view of the Aegean Sea. Seeing as it is affiliated with some of the island’s most desired, chic clubs and restaurants such as Ftelia and Lio, DPM offers its guests priority arrangements at those institutions.

  • CONTACT: +(30) 228 902 5520
  • EMAIL: reservationsmykonos@pacha.com
  • ADDRESS: Agios Stefanos 84600 Mykonos, Grecce

5. Mykonos Princess Hotel

Nestled atop a small hillside, you will come upon the charming and tranquil Mykonos Princess Hotel, a sprawling luxury beach hotel in Mykonos overlooking a wide expanse of the Aegean Sea.

Located just a five minutes’ walk from the beach of Agios Stefanos, you may walk your cares away on the beach, feel the sand sift through your toes, and delight in the most wonderful view. Discover the path to a healthier lifestyle with a variety of wellness services available at Mykonos Princess Hotel. Indulge in complete serenity and privacy with a revitalizing massage and experience a unique sense of relaxation. Reenergize mind, body, and soul with a wide selection of fitness services and programs that can be customized to address your specific exercise goals.

  • CONTACT: +30) 228 902 3806
  • EMAIL: reservations@mykonosprincess.com
  • ADDRESS: Agios Stefanos, 84600 Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece

Luxury Restaurants in Mykonos

1. Phos Restaurant

A place bathed by natural sunlight, encompassing the concept of a luxurious, polished sailboat. In an entirely serene environment, everything resembles the deck of a yacht that will take you on a journey of the senses. A journey of tastes, aromas, sounds, textures, and mesmerizing images.

The scenery is breathtaking, while Greek and Mediterranean dishes are celebrated with unique touches of modernity. Using only the finest high-quality local products, a greatly skilled and talented team of professionals creates gastronomic wonders on a plate. Enjoy the marvelous cuisine, the exquisite wine list, and the exhilarating ambiance. High-end, immaculate services complete a paramount dining experience by the sea!

  • CONTACT: (+30) 228 902 7666
  • EMAIL: info@petinoshotels.gr
  • ADDRESS: Platis Yialos, Mykonos Greece Entrance via Nissaki Hotel

2. Scorpios – Restaurant

In the domain of re-invented, re-imagined traditional Greek cuisine, Scorpios will surprise those accustomed to the regional Greek palette with a culinary irreverence.

They combine Mediterranean seafood with vibrant Mexican flavors, like giant clams with lime, papaya, and coriander. Dishes like these play with global cooking styles, straddle continents, and borrow liberally from the Mexican kitchen, whose herbs and piquant spices elevate fresh Mediterranean ingredients

  • CONTACT: (+30) 228 902 9250
  • EMAIL: reservation@scorpiosmykonos.com
  • ADDRESS: Paraga, 84600 Mykonos, Kikladhes, Greece

3. M-Eating

Mediterranean & Local Kitchen in Mykonos Town. The restaurant is hosted in a traditional Mykonian building built in the early last century. Here is the perfect location combined with love and taste to present a beautiful restaurant adjusted to the current needs of the people who visit the island of Mykonos.

Features a lot of traditional island entrees such as the famous Mykonian onion pie, as well as pasta, meat dishes and seafood with a twist of fine dining

  • CONTACT: (+30) 228 907 8550
  • EMAIL: info@m-eating.gr
  • ADDRESS: 10 Kalogera str., Mykonos (town)

4. Jackie O

Named after an icon of the international jet set, Jackie O, synonymous with the Mykonos lifestyle, urges you to indulge in the award-winning cuisine of famous Chef Christoforos Peskias.

From the Cycladic traditions to the fusion of east and west, his brigade combines present, past and future to elevate all your senses into a supreme gastronomic experience.

  • CONTACT: (+30) 697 301 0981
  • EMAIL: reservations@jackieomykonos.com
  • ADDRESS: 84600 Mykonos, Kikladhes, Greece

5. Solymar

Solymar restaurant is simply passionate about food. Focusing on using the freshest, locally sourced excellent quality ingredients, they combine the authentic gastronomic tradition of the Cyclades with modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Menu choices will be accompanied by an extensive wine list designed to suit any taste. The list features a hand-picked selection of some of the most exquisite wines from across Greece and all over the world.

  • Dress code: Beach chic.
  • Please note that there is a 2 hours seating policy.
  • CONTACT: (+30) 228 907 1745
  • EMAIL: reservations@solymarmykonos.com
  • ADDRESS: Kalo Livadi, Mykonos, Cyclades 84600 Greece
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