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Ormos Ornos

Ormos Ornos is an anchorage in Mykonos.

Mykonos is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Mykonos:

Ormos OrnosOrmos Ornos
Ormos MikonouOrmos Mikonou
Ormos Kalo LivadiOrmos Kalo Livadi
Ormos KalafatisOrmos Kalafatis
Ormos Ayios AnnasOrmos Ayios Annas


Ormos Ornos is a well-protected anchor bay for yacht charters in Mykonos, and it is located on the south coast of Mykonos. Ormos Ornos is equipped with impressive facilities which makes it an excellent spot for sailing in the cyclades. It also offers a free parking area around the bay, however, it still can get quite hectic during the day. It is also a perfect base for yacht charters that want to explore Mykonos Town as you can easily access it by car in a few minutes. You can also walk to the bay from Mykonos Town or through the regular bus service that runs to the beach. You can visit Ornos Bay daily, and do not need to pay before you use the beach.

Ormos Ornos, Photo by: katjamarias (Source: Instagram)
Ormos Ornos, Photo by: katjamarias (Source: Instagram)


Ornos Bay is located on the S side of Mykonos, just E of AK Alogomandra. Once you get to the bay, crewed yachts can anchor in 5-10m at the head of the bay. The bottom of the bay is sand and weed, which means poor holding in places for boats and motor yachts. Ormos Ornos provides a good shelter from the Meltemi, but there are usually strong gusts into the bay. Yacht charters in Greece will love as the bay is open to the S and is surrounded by numerous tavernas and a hotel with a supermarket nearby. Greek yacht charters will find numerous small bays sheltered from the Meltemi just to the E of Ornos.

Ormos Ornos, Photo by: mybarefootescape (Source: Instagram)
Ormos Ornos, Photo by: mybarefootescape (Source: Instagram)


Yacht charters will find a supermarket near the bay where you can shop for supplies for your yacht. Chartered yachts can also opt for Mykonos Yacht Provisioning Services for provisioning in Ormos Ornos. They also cater for groceries, beverages, cigarettes, flora arrangements, water supply, fuel, laundry, yacht cleaning, VIP transfer and chauffeur services, car rental service, and so on.

Types of boats that are in the marina

Some of the boats that you will find in the bay are ferries and yachts.

Capacity and technical data

Ormos Ornos offers motor yachts and boats protection from Meltemi and a major port in Mykonos. The bay offers thrilling activities as It is surrounded by a lively sandy beach with bars and taverns to explore. The anchoring ground at the bay is hard sand and partially covered with seaweed.

Here is a video of Ormos Ornos and the beach where you will enjoy fun-filled activities.

Ormos Ornos, Photo by: daslivin_ (Source: Instagram)
Ormos Ornos, Photo by: daslivin_ (Source: Instagram)

Things to do in Ormos Ornos

Ornos Bay is among the safest swimming beaches in Mykonos, which makes it a perfect spot for sailing in the cyclades as you can base yourself around the beach. One of the best things about the bay is that it is surrounded by dining and entertainment options that you can explore. On the beach, you can rent chairs, umbrellas, and lounges from local vendors.

There are varieties of licensed watersports schools on the bay where you can learn how to windsurf or try out waterskiing. Most of the tavernas and bars on the beach have an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy great views and the lovely climate. You will find numerous boats on the bay that offer chartered cruises and transportation to the surrounding islands.

Ormos Ornos beach, Photo by: katjamarias (Source: Instagram)
Ormos Ornos beach, Photo by: katjamarias (Source: Instagram)

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