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Ios is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Ios:

Ios Island is one of the nightlife centers the Cyclades archipelago is famous for. Due to the fact, the majority of visitors to Ios are young people yearning to spend days by emerald waters and nights enjoying beach parties. Mylopotas Beach, near the island’s scenic capital of Chora, is one of Ios’s hotspots synonymous for nightlife, soft sand and crystal-clear waters.
The island of Ios isn’t famous only as a party destination. Amazing beaches, with Manganari among the most incredible ones, and 365 churches make for exceptional vacation opportunities. Also, relics from ancient (Skarkos – an early Cycladic settlement) and Byzantine (Palaiokastro) times offer insights into different stages in the history of the island.


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