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Hydra is an island in Saronic Gulf, Argolic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnese, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Hydra:

Hydra is an elongated island stretching from east to west, whose residents don’t seem to like motor vehicles at all. Once you set foot on the island, donkeys prove to be the most efficient transportation option all over the island. Of course, nothing prevents you from starting your engine and exploring the coastline from the sea.
The island doesn’t have much greenery, which stone houses of Hydra Town, the main settlement of the Sardonic island, strongly imply. Another curiosity about Hydra is the claim that it has as many churches as a year has days – 365. Of course, don’t forget that the island boasts extraordinary beaches and coves, with Agios Nikolaos and Bisti being among the finest.


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