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Ormos Kini

Ormos Kini is an anchorage in Syros.

Syros is a charter location in Cyclades, a yacht charter area in Greece.

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Ormos Kini is a traditional fishing village in Syros. Travellers can relish local cuisine, seaside strolls, and peace in this quaint and beautiful seaside village. 

Prance around in the small beaches in the area or witness the picturesque beauty of the surroundings. Food lovers will be thrilled by the aroma and taste of the local delicacies. Kini is indeed a small paradise for travelers.


Kini Bay or Ormos Kini is located 9 kilometers west of Ermoupolis. Galissas is a few kilometres away from the seaside village. During the summer season, many fishing boats line up at the little port. It enhances the overall beauty of Ormos Kini. To reach this blissful village, you have to take a ferry from Syros. The small bay is located on the West coast of Syros and immediately after Ermoupolis on the East Coast. 

There are many moorings so one has to be careful of not fouling their anchor. The bay’s N side mole has 2 to 3.5 meter depth which is full of local boats and trippers. There is reasonable shelter provided from the Meltemi but some of the swell is pushed into the bay.

General Information

Tourists love Kini Bay for its simplicity and clean beaches. The famous tourist destination is also known for the gastronomic adventures it offers. Lip smacking seafood delicacies are waiting for you at Kini Bay. 

The magnificent sunsets will leave you enthralled. The little port witnesses a chain or boats that moor during the summer season. If you are looking for a peaceful yet engaging holiday, consider Ormos Kini as the preferred destination. 

Travelers can not only indulge in food or take stroll on beaches, they can also witness the magnificence of the churches and monasteries.

Ormos Kini, Photo by: Verolaymet (Source: Instagram)

History of Ormos Kini

Ormos Kini has about 200 permanent residents. Although it sees a flurry of tourists every year (July-August), it is busy with tourists all through the year. You can find peace during the winter season. 

The village is mostly inhabited by fishermen. As for the history of Syros, settlement started here 5000 years ago. Many years ago Syros was a hub of commercial activity. It was also under the rule of Minoan Crete, Phoenicians, and the Mycenae. During the Ottoman period, Syros witnessed a new era where anybody could practice their religion and there was a reduction of taxes. Syros has been under the harsh rule in the past and it also witnessed drastic changes. But over the years, it has managed to become one of the most popular destinations for tourist activity. 

Kini Bay was awarded the ‘blue flag’ for its clean and excellent water. Tourists spend their time lounging on sun beds and eating delicious Aegean cuisine. Syros has indeed risen from ashes and left a positive impact on Greece’s reputation.

Places of Interest

Allou Yialou

Ormos Kini gets busting with crowds in the months of July and August. This is the time when all the cafes and taverns are filled with chirpy tourists who enjoy Aegean cuisine. 

Allou Yialou is located at Kini Beach’s Northern end. An open canopy is beautifully built on the water so food enthusiasts can get a view of the bay from both sides. A wholesome meal of fresh calamari and royal herring eggs will tickle your tastebuds and transport you to gastronomic heaven. 

The view of the turquoise sea and the lovely delicacies will make you want to come back for more. Don’t be surprised if you pay a second visit to this beautiful restaurant. 

Kini Beach

A relaxing holiday involves sunbeds, warmth of the sun, and clear blue water. The golden sand beach is beautiful with shallow waters for children and nonswimmers. 

Relax on a sunbed and soak up the sun. Add a couple of cocktails to the experience and you will be in a beach heaven. Kini Beach is located 15 minutes away from Syros and is easily accessible.

Ormos Kini, photo by: aaaaaurelia (Source: Instagram)

Bay of Delfini

The Bay of Delfini is a pebble beach. It is located a few minutes away from Kini Beach. The beach is a little remote and is accessible via a dirt path, but is famous among Greeks. You can find some peace here as there is not much crowd at Bay of Delfini. 

Monastery of Agia Varvara

The Monastery of Agia Varvara is the only orthodox/conventional monastery in Syros. You can get a spectacular view of Kini Bay from this spot. As per historical evidence, a priest named Loakim built this beautiful monastery. The church dedicated to St. Barbara is a must-visit for all tourists. 

Picture by Delfini Beach Bar Restaurant

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    Yachts available in Ormos Kini


    From €17,500/week
    3 cabins
    73 ft
    6 guests
    Built: 2012
    10 Litres/Hr


    3 reviews


    From €39,000/week
    5 cabins
    86 ft
    11 guests
    Refit: 2021
    590 Litres/Hr



    From €85,000/week
    6 cabins
    139 ft
    13 guests
    Refit: 2019
    780 Litres/Hr




    From €165,000/week
    7 cabins
    164 ft
    12 guests
    Refit: 2018
    500 Litres/Hr



    From €15,000/week
    2 cabins
    53 ft
    4 guests
    Refit: 2017
    370 Litres/Hr



    From €5,600/week
    3 cabins
    55 ft
    6 guests
    Built: 2011



    From €27,000/week
    4 cabins
    78 ft
    10 guests
    Refit: 2019
    450 Litres/Hr



    From €15,400/week
    10+ cabins
    128 ft
    Fethiye Shipyard
    22 guests
    Built: 2005
    150 Litres/Hr


    68 reviews


    From €16,000/week
    5 cabins
    56 ft
    10 guests
    Built: 2014
    30 Litres/Hr




    From €47,000/week
    4 cabins
    101 ft
    10 guests
    Refit: 2020-2021
    730 Litres/Hr



    From €38,500/week
    5 cabins
    127 ft
    Bodrum Shipyard
    10 guests
    Refit: 2017
    100 Litres/Hr


    License to Chill

    From €14,100/week
    5 cabins
    55 ft
    Bali Catamarans
    10 guests
    Built: 2019
    30 Litres/Hr



    From €36,900/week
    4 cabins
    88 ft
    10 guests
    Refit: 2022
    400 Litres/Hr



    From €6,335/week
    2 cabins
    45 ft
    4 guests
    Refit: 08/14/16 - Engines
    215 Litres/Hr



    From €35,000/week
    5 cabins
    113 ft
    Basimakopoulos Shipyard, Koilada-Greece
    11 guests
    Refit: 2018
    160lt/hour + Litres/Hr