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Lipsi is an island in Dodecanese Islands, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Lipsi:

Lipsi is one of the more unusual islands in the Aegean sea. Also known as Leipsoi, this island is located between the islands of Samros and Leros in the Dodecanese region and is well worth a visit by anyone taking a sailing charter in this region.

Lipsi offers visitors access to a slower pace of life, one that focuses less on grand activities and luxury accommodation and more on local food and culture. Visitors to the island should drop by the local shops and restaurants to sample the wealth of great food and drink that is made here. This includes the island’s very own Greek honey, which is produced from wild thyme, as well as it’s own cheese, which is known as touloumotyri. This cheese is somewhat similar to the Greek cheese mizithra, which Greeks like to add to spanakopita and to sprinkle liberally over pasta.

There are also grape vines on the island, which means one thing: wine. Grab a bottle of the local vino to enjoy with a little cheese and honey as you chill on the beaches and watch the sun go down.

No visit to the island of Lipsi is complete without a little nourishment and a lot of sunshine, but visitors should also drop by the local churches and monasteries. These pristine buildings will unlock a spiritual side of you that you may not have thought existed, and they’ll also teach you about the history of the island and the Dodecanese region.

Hikers will also get a kick out of Lipsi as there are some great walking trails. These trails include a path that stretches for nearly 1,000 meters and connects one part of the island with another—make sure you pack your walking boots if you plan on traversing this path for yourself. Some of that local honey won’t go amiss either, it’ll give you all the energy you need to slog onwards.


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