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Marina Alimos

Marina Alimos is an anchorage in Athens.

Athens is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Athens:

Piraeus PortPiraeus Port
Zea MarinaZea Marina
Marina AlimosMarina Alimos
Flisvos MarinaFlisvos Marina
Athens MarinaAthens Marina
Agios KosmasAgios Kosmas


Marina Alimos is among the largest marinas in Greece and one of the best-positioned marinas as it is located in the southern part of Athens. It is a perfect marina for yacht charters in Greece that want to sail in the Saronic island. The Marina is situated in the Southwestern part of Athens and minutes from the Piraeus port, the busiest in Greece. Marina Alimos serves as a perfect base for yacht charters that want to explore the Greek coast, and the Mediterranean. The marina is also the departure location for yacht charter in the cyclades. Marina Alimos is served by a various transportation network of buses, trams, and taxis for charters that want to explore Athens.

Marina Alimos, Photo by: eosyacht (Source: Instagram)
Marina Alimos, Photo by: eosyacht (Source: Instagram)


Alimos Marina has 2-6m depth, and visitors can go stern or bows-to under the W mole of the Marina. Yacht charters in Greece will find laid moorings tailed to the quay or buoy. Motor yachts will find visitors’ quay along the inner W mole, but it is congested with permanent berth holders. The Marina is usually busy on weekends, and some berths are reserved for chartered yachts in the Marina.

Marina Alimos, Photo by: alennugi (Source: Instagram)
Marina Alimos, Photo by: alennugi (Source: Instagram)


Although there is no supermarket within the Marina, Greek charters will find numerous supermarkets around the Marina that offer free of charge delivery service to the yachts. You will find a fuel station at the entrance of the marina where you can buy snacks, ice, and alcohol. The fuel station opens 24 hours a day.

Marina Alimos, Photo by: innademkina (Source: Instagram)
Marina Alimos, Photo by: innademkina (Source: Instagram)

Types of boats that are in the marina

You will find cruise boats and yachts in the Marina.

Capacity and technical data

Alimos is among the largest marinas in Greece and it is a perfect destination for chartered yachts in Greece. The marina is equipped with amazing facilities for boats and motor yachts, you will enjoy a swell time here. It features about 1500 berths which can service cruise boats and yachts that are close to 40m long. It also offers a wide range of services for the easy navigation of crewed charters to the Marina. There is an entrance light for safe sailings, electricity supply, refueling services, electricity, restaurants, car parking spaces, first aid provisions, PIR automatic lights, and security around the Marina.

In the vicinity of the marina, there are varieties of facilities for yacht charters such as restaurants, banks, bars, laundry, car rentals, laundry, and hairdressing shops. One of the best things about the marina is that water and electricity on the pier are free of charge, and fuel will be delivered at the pier through a fuel wagon. There are also repair services available in the Marina that you can use. You will find numerous private companies that operate from the Marina, and all you need to do is make special arrangements with them.

Here is a video showing the capacity and technical data in Marina Alimos.

Marina Alimos, Photo by: elizavetapecherina (Source: Instagram)
Marina Alimos, Photo by: elizavetapecherina (Source: Instagram)

Point of interest

Bolivar Beach Bar

This beach is among the most famous destinations in Alimos, and coming to this bar is mandatory while in Athens. The bar offers a perfect blend of music, food, and drinks for a thrilling nightlife adventure in Athens. The bar hosts numerous events all year round, and you will surely catch an artist at the bar.

Akanthus Summer Club

By visiting this club, you will surely get the memories of a lifetime with your tour companions. The club is a fantastic facility and surrounded by cool features 24 hours a day. The club hosts the best parties in Athens and there are wonderful beverages that you can take while you dance the night away. Akanthus summer club also has its beach where you can relax and sunbathe in the sun with your loved ones.

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