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Flisvos Marina

Flisvos Marina is an anchorage in Athens.

Athens is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Athens:

Piraeus PortPiraeus Port
Zea MarinaZea Marina
Marina AlimosMarina Alimos
Flisvos MarinaFlisvos Marina
Athens MarinaAthens Marina
Agios KosmasAgios Kosmas


Flisvos Marina can be found about 6km from the Athens city center. Due to its location, it is a perfect base for yacht charter in Greece with its easy access to numerous entertainment and cultural attractions around the city. The marina is a perfect spot for sailing in the Saronic Island with the newly constructed Athens ring road and the modern public transportation system that links the marina with historical sites, museums, and monuments.

Flisvos Marina, Photo by: tetiana_kostenco (Source: Instagram)
Flisvos Marina, Photo by: tetiana_kostenco (Source: Instagram)


You will find the Marina on the E side of Ormos Falirou, and you will easily identify its outer breakwater. Flisvos Marina has 3-13m and your crewed yacht will be directed to where you can stern, bows-to or anywhere that is convenient for you. Although the Marina has a few berths for visiting Greek yachts while most yachts owners head to Zea Marina, it is an excellent sailing destination for crewed charter yachts in Greece.

Flisvos Marina, Photo by: travel.with.alin (Source: Instagram)
Flisvos Marina, Photo by: travel.with.alin (Source: Instagram)


Flisvos Marina is surrounded by commercial stores suitable for stocking your crewed yachts. A1 provisioning is another excellent option that provides a wide range of worldwide food and liquid goods with flowers to stock your boat.

Flisvos Marina, Photo by: alberto_contarino (Source: Instagram)
Flisvos Marina, Photo by: alberto_contarino (Source: Instagram)

Types of boats that are in the marina

Flisvos Marina has a few berths for chartered yachts, but it can accommodate the special needs for mega yachts.

Capacity and technical data

Flisvos Marina is a magnificent sailing destination for motor yachts as it is equipped with 303 berths, and over half of it can accommodate luxury yachts that are over 35m. The Marina is a commercial complex that covers 3800sqm of land. It features a stunning Mediterranean esplanade that is surrounded by exceptional dining and shopping venues. Flisvos Marina also offers thrilling activities as it hosts special events throughout the year for yacht owners and visitors. Flisvos Marina’s operation and standards is mainly in accordance with top international specifications, and it accommodates the unique needs of mega yachts. It is awarded 5 Gold Anchors as it obtains the highest rating from prestigious organizations in the yachting world like the Yacht Harbour Association, International Council of Marine Industry Associations, Lloyd’s Register Group, etc.

The Marina offers visitors top-notch services for yacht charters in Greece like the 24/7 luxury concierge services, high level of security, and event management. It also provides a wide range of shopping, dining, and recreational opportunities in the retail complex located in the Marina. The Marina is dotted with yacht agents and chandlers in the surroundings to cater for all your needs. It also provides technical support and assistance 24/7 that will assist with arrival and departure to and from the Marina to make your trip seamless.

For your safety, Flisvos Marina is equipped with around the clock security services and patrol CCTV, control tower, fireboat, duty watch, portable water supply, fuel station, helicopter landing area, complete waste management, and recycling, port police and customs office, phone connection, children’s playland, electric service, etc.

Here is a video of Flisvos Marina, the mega yacht destination in Greece.

Flisvos Marina, Photo by: don_ate (Source: Instagram)
Flisvos Marina, Photo by: don_ate (Source: Instagram)

Things to do in Flisvos Marina

Flisvos Marina is a perfect base for yacht charter in Greece if you want to visit the archaeological museum and go on excursions to the historical sites, Acropolis, museums, and monuments. The best thing is that it offers a wide range of recreation and relaxation opportunities that you can try out on site. You can try out jogging, cycling, and walking activities in its friendly and serene environment or you can just choose from the various modern transportation systems to visit the sites.

You can head to the Attica coastline called the Athenian Riviera, which is south of Flisvos Marina, to enjoy the beach. You will also find the top of Attica, Temple of Poseidon, numerous magical villages that surround the coast once you head south. Flisvos Marina is an ideal base for sea-loving voyagers that want to explore over 3000 Greek islands that are within leisurely sailing distance. It is also a perfect home port if you want to go on a trip around the Mediterranean to places like Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, and so on.

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