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Athens Marina

Athens Marina is an anchorage in Athens.

Athens is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Athens:

Piraeus PortPiraeus Port
Zea MarinaZea Marina
Marina AlimosMarina Alimos
Flisvos MarinaFlisvos Marina
Athens MarinaAthens Marina
Agios KosmasAgios Kosmas


Athens Marina is situated in a perfect location and it is just 9km from the Athens city center, about 5km from Piraeus and 40km from Athens International Airport through the highway. This makes the marina a perfect base for yacht charters in Greece if you want to explore over 3000 Greek Islands as most are within close sailing distance like the Saronic islands, the cyclades, and so on. The Marina is a suitable sailing destination in Greece and it offers direct access to both the motorway and public transportation network which comprises tram, buses, and metro stations 400m from the Marina.

Athens Marina, Photo by: green_snega (Source: Instagram)
Athens Marina, Photo by: green_snega (Source: Instagram)


Athens Marina features a large seafront entrance for the easy access of yachts, and there is a unique dock for berthing. Athens Marina has a depth range of 4-6m, and it offers your boat a good shelter from the prevailing winds. Once your crewed yachts get to the Marina, you will be directed to where you can go stern or bows-to. For laid moorings, chartered yachts will be tailed to the pontoons.

Athens Marina, Photo by: nausicaa_bzh (Source: Instagram)


For provisioning of your Greek yacht, you can go to the Athens Marina reception, where you will be shown a list of qualified suppliers for your technical, diving, and fuel services. It is also surrounded by weekly markets and shops where you can shop for provisions for your motor yacht.

Athens Marina, Photo by: nthabiseng_mt (Source: Instagram)
Athens Marina, Photo by: nthabiseng_mt (Source: Instagram)

Types of boats that are in the marina

Athens Marina is built mainly to cater to the moorings needs of the mega and superyachts.

Capacity and technical data

Athens Marina is one of the top sailing destinations for chartered yachts in Greece. It has a mooring capacity of 130 yachts and has the power to accommodate yachts of about 130m. The marina also has ten berths for mega yachts of 50m to 100m and more than 25 new berths for superyachts between 30m to 35m. The Marina is considered as the home port to numerous premier yachts and yacht charters in the world.

Athens Marina is a top spot for sailing trips if you want to explore Athens as it features a contemporary network of ring roads and motorways with the modern and extensive public transportation system, enormous car parking lot and helipad service for the seamless access to and from the Marina. For your protection, the marina offers 24/7 security services with controlled entry-exit points with a serene environment for the privacy of yacht owners and VIP guests at the Marina.Athens Marina offers yacht charters in Greece with telephone line, drinking water, mooring assistance with Marina’s tenders, electric power, helipad, showers and restrooms, wireless internet, sewage disposal and vacuum stations, storage space, shops and weekly market, yacht cleaning and laundry services, and so on for every berth.

Here is a video showing the facilities that Athens Marina has to offer for yacht charters in Greece

Athens Marina, Photo by: bimini_brokers (Source: Instagram)
Athens Marina, Photo by: bimini_brokers (Source: Instagram)

Things to do in Athens Marina

Athens Marina is located in a strategic location, 9km from the center of Athens, which makes it a perfect base for boats and yacht charters that want to explore the city. You will surely enjoy your time in the city from wandering around the historical archaeological sites and museums to exploring the thrilling and luxurious nightclubs. You should also make sure you do not miss the mind-blowing views of the city from the Lycabettus hill or the Acropolis and sunset sceneries from the temple of Poseidon at Sounion.

History of Athens Marina

Athens Marina was formerly called Faliro Marina and was established in June 2004 to accommodate the yachts of VIP visitors of the 2004 Olympic Games. The Marina was later turned to Athens Marina in 2009 after the international invitation with the main aim of managing, renovating, and redesigning Faliro Marina. Athens Marina S.A goals are to provide high-quality services and facilities for the mega and superyachts. The Marina is owned by BIOTER S.A, J&P AVAX S.A, and VERNICOS YACHTS S.A. The Marina now hosts some of the largest and most popular mega and superyachts from all over the world.

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