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Merikhas is an anchorage in Kythnos.

Kythnos is a charter location in Cyclades, a yacht charter area in Greece.

The anchorages on Kythnos:


White stairs, white buildings, and the classic Greek hospitality meet you at the main anchorage in Kithnos. Taverns, cafes, and bars line the front of the village on approach from the sea. The Merikhas port provides food, gas, water, electricity, and fuel for travellers and is on the west side of the island of Kithnos. Though it is a busy port, it is still used for swimming as the water is clear. The restaurants serve fresh seafood brought in fishing boats that dock at the fishing jetty. Though this town might not look quaint, it has the typical soul of every Cycladic settlement.


Merikhas has a bus terminal, taxi, boat, and motorcycle rental, and various ship agencies. The taxi boat sails every day, taking tourists all around the island. In the summer months, this fishing village transforms itself into a hub of activities.

Where to Anchor

On the North, East, and South of the bay, Merikhas is protected from the strong winds by the rocks.  Anchor your boat on 5-10 m depth. But watch out for other ferries and yachts and try to keep clear. Dangerous winds from the Northwestern path of the bay tend to create swells. Anchor ground holding is good to very good. The bottom consists of mud and seaweed. Yachts can moor stern-to between the breakwater and the fishing quay or alongside in quiet periods. The inner area right at the breakwater must be kept clear for cargo vessels and large excursion boats.

Water is shallow at about 1.5m on the southern end of the quay by the fish market. Be careful if mooring up against the jetty and beware of the islet to the south.

Merichas, Photo by thisiskhythnos (Source: Instagram)

General Information

Merikhas is on the west side of the island of Kithnos. This small seaside village is well known for its bubbling nightlife.  Its beacon guides vessels, approaching the bay at night. It welcomes ferries from Piraeus, Lavrio, and other nearby islands. The residents of Merikhas are hospitable and welcoming. Port officials are always available to lend a helping hand.

Merichas, Photo by suitebythesunset_cyclades (Source: Instagram)

History and Culture

Located in the western area of Chora, Kithnos is the Merikhas bay. It was chosen as the principal anchorage of Kithnos because it offered the most protection from strong winds. The construction of the bay to accommodate more traffic started in the year 1970. In 2000, the construction of a new ferry dock began. This new ferry dock gives room to yachts and has minimized the damage from swells caused by incoming and outgoing ferries. Merikhas is the first and last stop of every visitor to Kithnos. This beautiful coastal town has evolved into a one-stop wonder with a working port, a well-connected transport system, delicious food, and Greek architecture.


Merikhas beach

Though Merikhas is known more for its anchorage than for its beach, the beach is still beautiful. It bears the same deep color as most Kithnos beaches. It is inviting for a stroll and beautiful. The number of boats, ferries, and activities at the beach might discourage one from taking a relaxing swim. However, one can swim on another beach in the vicinity.

Episkopi beach

Episkopi beach is a small sandy organized beach found between Merikhas and Apokrousi. It has sparkling turquoise waters and is a favourite of boats. Epispoki is a great place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the Port of Merikhas.

Apokrousi beach

Apokrousi is one of the longest beaches on the island of Kithnos. This beautiful sandy beach lies about two kilometres away from Merikhas and is between two low hills. It is has a tavern and is a blue flag beach.

Martinakia beach

It is less than a Kilometre away from Merikhas. Its trees provide shade, while the hills are safe for a hike. From the top of the cliff, one can watch ships and yachts.                                                                                                                                           

Places of Interest

Panagia Flambouriani

This monastery is built at the edge of rock just South of Merikhas. The 24th of August is the feast of Panagia Flambouriani. Popular belief is that there are traces from the steps of the Virgin from the beach to the church.


Vryokatsro is an excellent place to start a tour of the island. The ruin of the ancient capital of the island has given archeologists thousands of artifacts.

Panagia Flambouriani Photo by Kostiho (Source: Instagram)

Places to Stay


Alozi Studios

Alozi provides value for money with a view of the bay, clean rooms, bathroom, and well-functioning kitchen.

En Lefko

En Lefko offers beautiful, clean, and well-equipped rooms close to the beach. The simplicity of the Cycladic architecture is refreshing and helps guests relax.

Foinikas Studios

The very well-known Foinikas Studios has been open for over 23 years, providing guests good quality accommodation year in, year out. The residence is kid-friendly, and they run a bicycle and car hire service.

Kontseta Guesthouse

An intimate guesthouse with four guestrooms is the ideal place for a girls’ or guys’ trip. The fully equipped kitchen lets you cook as you please, while the terrace is a great place to watch the beach.

Places to Eat

Byzantio Restaurant

Byzantio serves Seafood, Greek and Mediterranean dishes to meet every taste. They only serve Lunch and Dinner but are open late into the night for late-night travellers.

Ostria Restaurant

Ostria dishes up Greek cuisine for lunch and dinner. Try their tasty dishes and enjoy the spectacular view of the bay.

Arapis Restaurant

Arapis makes delicious Pizzas and a mixture of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. The ambience is peaceful, and the wine is tasty.


Krhtikos serves Greek and Mediterranean dishes during lunch and dinner. The fish is fresh and very well cooked, and the service is excellent.


Are you looking for a good cup of coffee in Merikhas? Maistrali serves coffee, breakfast, and snacks right on the Merikhas beach.


Fermina has astounding views of the ocean along with plating up fresh fish and great pizzas.

Pyxida Café

Pyxida is a pleasant cafe to have breakfast and coffee and to watch the sunset.

Merikhas, Photo by Wrc666 (Source: Trip Advisor)

    Yachts available in Merikhas


    From €35,000/week
    10+ cabins
    147 ft
    36 guests
    Built: 2013



    From €11,800/week
    2 cabins
    49 ft
    Princess, UK
    4 guests
    Refit: 2023
    170 Litres/Hr



    From €28,000/week
    6 cabins
    111 ft
    12 guests
    Built: 2008
    200 Litres/Hr



    From €107,000/week
    10+ cabins
    177 ft
    49 guests
    Built: 1993




    From €49,000/week
    4 cabins
    91 ft
    Cheoy Lee
    8 guests
    Refit: 2020-21
    150 Litres/Hr



    From €25,000/week
    4 cabins
    70 ft
    Sunreef Yachts
    8 guests
    Built: 2012
    45 Litres/Hr


    Scuba Onboard


    From €13,900/week
    3 cabins
    52 ft
    6 guests
    Built: 2021
    7 Litres/Hr




    From €55,000/week
    4 cabins
    80 ft
    Sunreef Yachts
    8 guests
    Built: 2020
    100 Litres/Hr


    8 reviews


    From €18,000/week
    4 cabins
    54 ft
    8 guests
    Built: 2022
    140 Litres/Hr




    From €18,900/week
    4 cabins
    63 ft
    Princess, UK
    8 guests
    Refit: 2023: Re-upholsterin
    350 Litres/Hr




    From €120,000/week
    5 cabins
    146 ft
    12 guests
    Built: 2011
    425 Litres/Hr



    From €80,000/week
    4 cabins
    95 ft
    San Lorenzo
    8 guests
    Refit: 2024
    300 Litres/Hr



    From €11,900/week
    4 cabins
    59 ft
    8 guests
    Built: 2021
    15 Litres/Hr




    From €17,700/week
    4 cabins
    69 ft
    Princess, UK
    8 guests
    Refit: 2018
    320 Litres/Hr




    From €35,000/week
    4 cabins
    85 ft
    8 guests
    Refit: 2022
    500 Litres/Hr


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