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Astypalea is an island in Dodecanese Islands, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Astypalea:

The island of Astypalea is part of the Dodecanese. It’s small, totaling less than 100 square kilometers, but it still attracts plenty of tourists and provides them with a multitude of activities.

Astypalea played a key role in the history of this region. It was the birthplace of Onesicritus, a Greek historian who accompanied Alexander the Great throughout his campaigns, and it has also been home to several early Greek tribes, before becoming part of the Byzantine and Venetian empires in later centuries.

Some of this ancient history remains on the island today, and the best place to see and experience it is in Astypalea Castle. This landmark was built on the highest point and it looms over the island. It requires a lot of walking and climbing to reach, but once there it provides visitors with some of the best views in the region and is the perfect place to watch the sun set on an evening.

The town of Astypalea, also known as Chora, is also a breathtaking site. Again, it requires a lot of walking for anyone looking to see every inch of it, and there are also many hundreds of steps to climb, but its beauty can rival that of the more famous Santorini, making it well worth the effort.

There are a number of rocky beaches around the island where guests can relax and unwind, and there are also some great bars and restaurants to partake in Greek cuisine and chat with some of the locals.

If you are taking a sailing charter in the Dodecanese region then make sure you plot a course for Astypalea. It may not have the bustling activity and tourist-centric attractions of Kos and Rhodes, but it has a charming elegance all of its own that makes it well worth a visit.


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