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Leros is an island in Dodecanese Islands, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Leros:

The island of Leros is located in the Dodecanese region, a stone’s throw away from islands like Lipsi, a little further away from islands like Rhodes, and about 200 miles away from Athen’s main port. This makes it fairly accessible, which is why you’ll see a number of tourists on this island every season, even though it’s relatively small.

One of the biggest features on Leros is the Knights of Saint John castle, which was built during the medieval age. This castle and the surrounding area will give you a taste of what life was like in the middle-ages in Greece, something that you rarely get to experience in other parts of the country.

You can also see your fair share of ancient Greece as well, as this island played an important role in the Peloponnese Wars nearly 2,500 years ago, before falling under the command of the famous Spartan civilization. Leros has also been under the control of Alexander the Great, the Romans and several modern civilizations, so there is shortage of history waiting to be unearthed on these rocky shores. You can learn all about it by visiting the sites directly or by dropping into one of the island’s museums.

Some of the best kept historic buildings on Leros are those built by the Venetians and Byzantines, including churches and monasteries. It also has dozens of miles of pristine coastline, as well as the promenade of Lakki, all of which makes for a great walking or cycling tour.

If you’re taking a sailing charter in the Dodecanese region, then make sure you put a pin on the island of Leros and stop by at some point. You can find more information on our charters by using the menus above—we even have some recommend itineraries in the Dodecanese that will show you the best that this region, and Greece on the whole, has to offer.


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