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Zea Marina

Zea Marina is an anchorage in Athens.

Athens is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Athens:

Piraeus PortPiraeus Port
Zea MarinaZea Marina
Marina AlimosMarina Alimos
Flisvos MarinaFlisvos Marina
Athens MarinaAthens Marina
Agios KosmasAgios Kosmas


Zea Marina is among the busiest harbors in the Mediterranean region and can be found on mainland Greece. The Marina is situated on the eastern shore of the Peninsula of Piraiki, and it features a circular bay that offers protection to the mooring vessels. The Marina is close to Piraeus, and it is just 44km from the Athens International Airport.

Zea Marina, Photo by: musicitygr (Source: Instagram)
Zea Marina, Photo by: musicitygr (Source: Instagram)


Zea Marina operates on a 24-hour basis all year round. The Marina is a great destination to berth for yacht charters and motor boats sailing in Greece as you will find it between the coast of Salamis and Piraeus. It is usually crowded with ships at anchor, and chartered yachts need to be careful when navigating through this maze, especially at night. The depth of the water is 2-10m, and the boat needs to call the Marina on the VHF channel 9 to receive instructions on where to berth your boat. If you are staying for a short period, you will need to berth around the outer end of the outer mole. The inner berth is usually occupied by Athens-based yachts. After your arrival, you can then check-in at the reception office where you will be informed about all the details regarding your stay. It is not permitted to anchor in the marina area unless in case of an emergency for a short term. Once crewed yachts arrive at the Marina, you will also fill out the check-in formalities at the Reception Office.

Zea Marina, Photo by: slaven_trc (Source: Instagram)
Zea Marina, Photo by: slaven_trc (Source: Instagram)


Greek yachts are going to find numerous supermarkets close to the Marina where you can buy provisions on arrival at the bay. The supermarkets are open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 9 pm. Chartered yachts can also opt for the Moorings Provisioning Service for more convenience and they will then help out to buy provisions like beverages, non-food items, and fresh foods for your yacht. All you need is to order for different packages online or over the phone. You can visit their site on https://store.moorings.com/.

Types of boats that are in the marina

You are going to find Ships, ferries, yachts, and hydrofoils in the Marina.

Capacity and technical data

The Marina offers an excellent base for yacht charters as it can berth about 670 yachts in both its permanent and floating pontoons. Berthing distribution in the Marina depends on the dimensions of the boats. Mooring in the Marina for nearly twenty years is available and can accommodate boats of around 80m long and 8m draught. The Marina’s berths are equipped with 220v and 380v electricity and also fresh drinking water. Zea Marina does not have a dry dock, but it offers yacht charters a diverse technical repair and maintenance services such as electrical, mechanical, carpentry, upholstery, and sail repair. Skipperred charters can also hire diver services at the reception office for underwater repairs. The Marina offers a wide range of services for guests. It is surrounded by commercial shops, restaurants, police stations, fuel stations, car and motorboat rental, bars and café, postal service, laundry service, Wi-Fi access, medical assistance, public telephones, shower, and toilet service, and so on.

Here is a video showing the amazing facilities that Zea Marina offers chartered yachts sailing in Greece

Zea Marina, Photo by: virginiagottschalk (Source: Instagram)
Zea Marina, Photo by: virginiagottschalk (Source: Instagram)

Point of interest

Piraeus Archaeological Museum

You will find this museum at the western shore of the Bay of Zea, and it houses artifacts from Mycenaean times to the Roman period. You are also going to find ruins of the Hellenistic Theatre of Zea, which was constructed in the 2nd century BC and excavated in the 1880s. The museum is suitable for history lovers with collections of artifacts that depict life during the Mycenaean and Hellenistic years. You will find the highlights of the museum in rooms three and four, where you will see bronze statues like Piraeus Athena, Piraeus Artemis, High Archaic Piraeus Apollo, etc. that were retrieved from Piraeus harbor in 1959.

Piraeus Archaeological Museum, Photo by: gkmenelaos (Source: Instagram)
Piraeus Archaeological Museum, Photo by: gkmenelaos (Source: Instagram)

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

This theatre is situated in a neoclassical building that was designed by architect Ioannis Lazarimos and was founded on April 9th of 1895. The theater is a perfect destination for history and architecture enthusiasts because of its long history and great beauty. Lots of Greek directors, musicians, actors, popular foreign operas, and so on have performed on the floor of this theater. You will find the theater downtown on Korai Square between Zea Marina and Piraeus Port. The theater is among the leading cultural venues in Greece and a perfect destination to go for cultural lessons.

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, Photo by: genztravellers (Source: Instagram)
Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, Photo by: genztravellers (Source: Instagram)

Sotiros Dios

Sotiros Dios is located in a canyon of high-rise blocks, and it cuts through the main commercial area of Piraeus. You will find a wide range of international brands such as Zara, Nike, Replay, Accessorize, and local businesses like cafes, bars and restaurants, and bakeries that you can explore. Sotiros Dios is a perfect destination to go for shoppers while in Greece. Do not miss Vasileos Georgiou Avenue, which is surrounded by a long row of jewelers while Tsamadou street is surrounded by family-run bookshops, upmarket shopping malls, and arcades to explore.

History of Zea Marina

Zea Marina can be found in Piraeus, and it is among the best superyacht marinas in the Mediterranean area. The port has an ancient history as it was once a Naval base where the fleet of triremes was constructed. The Marina is well organized, and it offers modern services and facilities where you can anchor your boat. The port was renovated for the 2004 Olympic Games, and it now has a total capacity of 670 berths on both the floating and permanent pontoons. You can also moor boats that are about 150m long at the Marina.

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