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Thirasia is an anchorage in Santorini.

Santorini is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Santorini:

Skala ThiraSkala Thira
Nea KammeniNea Kammeni

Island Overview

Thirasia is a small island that can be found on the west side of Santorini. It offers tourists enchanting sceneries as it is blessed with a lot of natural beauties. The island has a lot of similarities with Santorini, and it is a great destination not to miss while in Santorini. You will feel like you are in Santorini when wandering around its street with its whitewashed houses, deep blue waters, and the architecture of the houses and churches looking similar. Thirasia is a perfect destination to go if you are seeking a peaceful vacation .

Thirasia, Photo by: alpa_ (Source: Instagram)
Thirasia, Photo by: alpa_ (Source: Instagram)


The only anchorage in Thirasia is in Ormos Ayios Nikolaou. You can anchor off at the small hamlet located at the foot of the cliffs. The only issue is that most of the bay is being used by local moorings, which caused the bottom to drop away, and the depth is too high for anchoring. You can make use of the short pier with 3m depths at its extremity used by caique-ferries from Thira and Finikia. The anchorage provides shelter from the Meltemi, but it experiences occasional swell in the bay. The harbor is open to the S and E, and you will find numerous tavernas ashore.

Thirasia, Photo by: viajology (Source: Instagram)
Thirasia, Photo by: viajology (Source: Instagram)

General information

Although Thirasia may not be as famous as other locations in Greece, it is gradually becoming a tourist hotspot. The island attracts tourists looking for a peaceful respite with their loved ones. It is also surrounded by unique things and attractions that you can explore. Once you step foot on the island, you will surely fall in love and come back for more.

Thirasia, Photo by: mgdlnvlgr (Source: Instagram)
Thirasia, Photo by: mgdlnvlgr (Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest

Beach of Agia Irini

Agia Irini beach is the most beautiful beach in Thirasia, and you will find it in the northernmost part of the island. You will find the beach picturesque with its black pebble and dark blue waters. This beach is a great place to go if you are looking for some private moments with your loved ones because it is not crowded.


Manolas is the largest settlement and the capital of the island, and you will be surprised to find it untouched by tourism. The best thing to do here is to wander around the streets while enjoying the stunning traditional Greek architecture and panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Malonas, Photo by: santorini_photography_dk (Source: Instagram)
Malonas, Photo by: santorini_photography_dk (Source: Instagram)

Monastery of Panagia

You will find this church on the southernmost part of the island. The church was built in 1887, and it is among the most stunning churches in Thirasia. The highlight of the church is that it offers nerve-wracking views of caldera and Santorini.

Church of Agios Konstantinos

It is the most important religious monument on Thirasia. The church was built in 1874 and soared high in the skyline of Manolas village. You will easily spot this church with its huge blue dome from afar.


Agrilia is among the oldest rural settlements in Thirisia, and you will find it on the southwestern part of the island. The town has an authentic local vibe, and it is surrounded by traditional cave houses, stunning churches, and wine cellars.


It is the old harbor of Thirasia, and you will find it on the east side of the island. You can visit the village of Manolas from here either by foot or by donkey. The port is famous for the numerous traditional taverns where you can try out fresh fish specialties.

Korfos, Photo by: mariamaune (Source: Instagram)
Korfos, Photo by: mariamaune (Source: Instagram)

History of Thirasia

You will find Thirasia in the west of Santorini island, and it is the only inhabited small island of Thira. There is little information that is known about the origin of the name of Thirasia. According to ancient mythology, the island is named after the small daughter of King Thiras, Thirasia, to whom the King constructed a palace in the current region of Kavou-Korfou.

Thirasia was among the single island of Stroggili before the Minoan Eruption of the volcano in 1613BC. After the eruption, the island Stroggili sank into the sea, and the island was divided into three. Thirasia, along with Aspronisi, and Santorini were then formed, and they create an imaginary circle which shows the original shape of the island.

Thirasia island now covers 9.2 hectares of land. According to the 2011 census, the permanent residents on Thirasia are about 320. The island comprises of four villages that are inhabited known as Korfos, Agia Irini, Manolas, and Potamos. Manolas is the capital of Thirasia. You are also going to find deserted villages on the island like Kera, Agrillia, and also Riva, which is the port of Agia Irini, and it is also used as the modern port of the island.

Thirasia, Photo By : alchemyvilla (Source : Instagram)
Thirasia, Photo By : alchemyvilla (Source : Instagram)

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