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Nea Kammeni

Nea Kammeni is an anchorage in Santorini.

Santorini is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Santorini:

Skala ThiraSkala Thira
Nea KammeniNea Kammeni

Island Overview

Nea Kameni is a small island located in the center of a stunning volcanic crater. The island offers tourists to take Instagram-worthy pictures with its natural thermal waters with an orange color and dark cliffs made from lava rock. Nea Kameni, along with its neighboring Palea Kameni, can be found at the heart of the Santorini caldera that is mostly submerged, and they are the newest volcanic islands in Greece.

You only access the island by boat, which makes it a famous tourist destination for cruises from Santorini island. You will surely have a swell time here, just exploring the stunning volcanic landscape and swimming in the natural hot springs.

Nea Kammeni, Photo by: angelodj (Source: Instagram)
Nea Kammeni, Photo by: angelodj (Source: Instagram)


You are going to find numerous small inlets around Nea Kameni, where a yacht can anchor. You should ensure that your anchor has a trip line because the bottom of the anchorage is filled with large rocks that can easily snag an anchor. You are going to find the best anchorage on the island in the SE corner, but it is used by local tripper boats, and a region of the bay is roped off for swimming and snorkeling, which means there is a small space for small yachts. Avoid the W side of the anchorage because of a foul area where a sunken coaster is buried.

You can also anchor yacht immediately in the N of the entrance to the cove with a long line ashore. It also provides reasonable shelter from the Meltemi. Keep in mind that Nea Kameni is infested with big and bold rats, and they will try to come aboard.

Nea Kammeni, Photo by: byron.bulgari (Source: Instagram)
Nea Kammeni, Photo by: byron.bulgari (Source: Instagram)

General information

Nea Kameni is a perfect destination to go for a day trip while in Greece. Although the island is not filled with a wide range of activities to try out, it offers mind-blowing views of the neighboring islands. It is also an excellent destination for adventure seekers as you explore the Nea Kameni Volcanic Park for a nerve-wracking experience. You can then visit one of the numerous sulfurous hot springs to take a relaxing dip after exploring the island. Nea Kameni will surely leave you coming back for more.

Nea Kammeni, Photo by: Katieparla (Source: Instagram)
Nea Kammeni, Photo by: Katieparla (Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest

Nea Kammeni National Geological Park

Before you can explore the park, you will need to pay an entrance fee, which is used for the upkeep of the area. Once you step foot in the park, you will feel like you are transported to another planet. Nea Kameni has scarce vegetation, and the rocks are covered by yellow sulfur deposits and red grassy succulents.

The best thing about that island is that it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding islands from the rim of the volcano. Some of the main points of interest not to miss while in the area are the Mikri Kameni dome, the South Rim of the Daphne crater, the twin crater, the Georgios dome peak, and the Liatsika Lava.

Nea Kammeni, Photo by: vasilisrocks (Source: Instagram)
Nea Kammeni, Photo by: vasilisrocks (Source: Instagram)

Palea Kameni

Palea is another excellent spot not to miss after you have explored the crater. The best thing about Palea Kameni is that it houses hot springs that flow from underground. This spot is a great place to enjoy a relaxing swim from the boat into the hot springs. The water also has therapeutic benefits as it contains manganese and iron, which is excellent for the skin.

Hotspring, Photo by: lombardiluca10 (Source: Instagram)
Hotspring, Photo by: lombardiluca10 (Source: Instagram)

History of Nea Kammeni

Nea Kameni was formed over the past two millennia through volcanic activities. The island is formed after the continuous eruptions of dacite lava and ash. In 47 CE, Cassius Dio, a Roman historian, records how the island was created close to the island of Thera. The island experienced significant eruptions over the past 300 years, which took place in 1707-1712, 1866-1870, 1925-1928, and 1939-1941.

In 1950, the last small eruption occurred, which caused lava dome extrusion. The island formed is now about 2km in diameter and has an area of 3.4km2. The island is now a protected scientific site, and it is closely monitored by scientists from the Institute for the Study and Monitoring of the Santorini Volcano (ISMOSAV). The island is surrounded by numerous active sulfur vents and carpet of red grassy succulents. Although the island is inhabited, visitors can explore the crater and enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding islands.

Nea Kammeni, Photo By: iosifp2 (Source : Instagram)
Nea Kammeni, Photo By: iosifp2 (Source : Instagram)

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