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Kalymnos is an island in Dodecanese Islands, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Kalymnos:

Kalymnos is one of the richest islands in Greece, and it’s also the third largest in the Dodecanese region. It’s only a dozen miles south of Kos and is popular with domestic travelers as well as international ones.

The history of Kalymnos is diverse and visitors to this island can immerse themselves in this history with a visit to the Castle of Chora or the old town. Both of these locations provide some direct insight into the history of the island and will keep all ages happy. There are also a couple of museums on the island with exhibits that showcase the island’s ancient and modern history.

A lot of great and important archeological finds have been made on the island of Kalymnos over the last century or so, including Mycenaean pottery that dates back over 3,000 years. A lot of the most valuable finds were acquired by the British Museum and are therefore no longer on the island, but the stories remain, and visitors can also see many other pieces that are just as old and just as integral to the history of this region.

The sponge industry used to be huge in Kalymnos, not unlike Symi. However, this changed in the 1980s when a disease destroyed crops and left the famed Kalymnos sponge divers a little out of pocket. There are still sponges harvested locally though and there is also a sponge factory that sells these local sponges in addition to many imported ones.

If you visit the local museums you can also learn about the Kalymnos sponge trade, but there’s more to this island than sponges. Visitors to the island can strap on their climbing gear and take part in the climbing and bouldering activities that are available all year round, or they can pay a visit to the local parks, beaches and museums.


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