You’ll notice that the order of the crewed Greek super yacht charters correlates with the price. We’ve selected 10 Greek megayachts and ordered them by their respective cost. That way, you can get a better feel of the individual motor price ranges. Let us know what you think!

10. Capri I

Capri I is one of the most eye-catching yachts on the list. It was built in 2003 and refit in 2017. It can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 rooms, including a master suite, 1 VIP cabins, 2 double cabins and 1 twin cabin. The yacht also houses 16 crew members. All the cabins come with air conditioning and en-suite facilities. Its water sports facilities include Stand-up Yamaha SuperJet Jet-Ski, VX Yamaha Cruiser Jet-Ski, VXR Yamaha Cruiser Jet-Ski, Windsurfers, Hobie Kayaks, Inflatable water toys, Wake Boards, Kneeboard, Water-Skis, Snorkeling Equipment, Fishing Equipment and Scuba Diving Equipment. The large crew and the recreational facility sets Capri I apart when it comes to providing a relaxing Greek vacation to charter guests.

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9. Light Holic

Light Holic was built in 2011 and refit in 2014. Old fans of the motor yacht might recognize it by its previous name “Darling Danama”. Light Holic features an unparalleled luxurious interior that combines class and comfort. The 196.85 feet yacht houses up to 12 guests in 6 rooms, including a master suite, 5 double cabins and 1 twin cabin. All the cabins come with air conditioning and en-suite facilities.  What makes Light Holic unique is its laid-back ambience. It has enhanced quiet throughout its interior. It has huge exterior space for guests to sunbathe and relax. Its water toys include SeaDoo Jet-Skis 140 hp, Seabobs Bladefish, Inflatable trampoline, Snorkeling Equipment and Inflatable water toys. Light Holic is the epithet of style and comfort and if you are looking for a relaxing laid back Greek Charter vacation, Light Holic is an ideal choice for you.

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8. Sunday

Sunday is a magnificent charter motor yacht that spans 196.19 feet. Built in 2006 and refit in 2010, this motor yacht provides its guests with all the modern amenities they would need to have a vacation to remember. Sunday accommodates up to 12 guests in 6 rooms, including a master suite, 1 VIP cabin, 2 double cabins and 2 twin cabins. All the cabins come with air conditioning and en-suite facilities. It also carries 15 crew members. Its amenities include air conditioning, deck Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi connection and state of the art Audio Visual entertainment facilities. Its water toys include Jet-Skis, Canoe bottom plastic, Fishing Equipment and towable water toys. Sunday promises its guests a relaxing and memorable Greek charter vacation.

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7. Sherakhan

Sherakhan is a 2005 Charter Motor Yacht that was refitted in 2017. It has gorgeous interior and exterior designs. The 228.51 feet motor yacht can house up to 26 guests in 13 rooms, including a master suite, 2 VIP cabins, 4 double cabins, 6 twin cabins and 2 single cabins. All the cabins come with en-suite facilities and air conditioning. The highlight of the suits is the expansive Master Suite complete with a Jacuzzi. Sherakhan also features a spacious owners’ terrace for the guests to sunbathe or relax and enjoy the view. It also has sauna and spa facilities. Recreational facilities include Yamaha Superjet 700 Jet-Skis, Yamaha FX1400 Waverunners, Laser Sail Boat, Inflatable trampoline, Windsurfers, Kayak, Fishing Equipment, Waterslide, Paddleboards, Wake Board and Towable toys. If you are looking for a motor yacht for your Greek charter vacation that combines comfort, luxury, and abundance of space, Sherakhan is the right choice for you.

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6. Chakra

Chakra is a vintage 1963 Charter Motor Yacht that was refitted in 2017 to meet the modern desires of its guests. The 282.15 feet motor yacht can accommodate up to 40 guests in 21 rooms, including 2 master suites, 15 double cabins, 2 twin cabins and 2 single cabins. Chakra also houses 43 crew members. Chakra has spacious deck areas that play host to a wide variety of amenities including an outdoor bar and ample space for sunbathing and relaxing. It also provides an array of other amenities including Bathing Platform, Beauty Salon, Massage Room, Outdoor Bar, Piano, exercise equipment and onboard Wi-Fi facility. Its water toys include Yamaha Waverunners, Snorkeling Equipment and a variety of towable toys. With a lot of history attached to it, Chakra is a great choice for a Greek charter yacht vacation.

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5. Icon

Icon was built in 2010 and refit in 2014. The 221.46 feet Motor Yacht has impeccable interior design and living space that is guaranteed to please guests. It can house up to 12 guests in 6 rooms, including a master suite, 1 VIP Cabin, 2 double cabins, 2 twin cabins and 2 Pullman beds. All the cabins have en-suite facilities and air-conditioning. What makes Icon truly iconic is its infinity pool. Guests can feel one with the ocean while still enjoying modern amenities in the infinity pool. Icon also has a luxurious private beach club, Hamman, sauna and Sundeck Jacuzzi and gym facilities. Recreational toys include Yamaha VX cruiser Jet-Skis, Paddleboards, Canoes, Water-Skis and Inflatable water toys. Icon is a charter Yacht that has always been upgraded to match the needs of its guests. It will sure to provide an “iconic” vacation to its guests.

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4. O’Mega

This masterpiece of a motor yacht was built by the famous Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2004 and refit in 2011. The 271 feet motor Yacht has periodically reinvented itself to match the standards expected by guests. O’mega accommodates up to 30 guests in its 14 exceptional cabins. The most impressive of these suites is the master cabin which is situated forward on the upper deck. It has a semi-circular window for guests to enjoy the view of the Greek waters. O’mega also has 5 VIP cabins which are a little smaller than the master suite but offer the same luxury to their occupants. The additional 4 doubles and 5 twins also offer all the best comfort and entertainment facilities guests would demand. The crew of O’mega is always committed to entertaining large groups. The upper salon of the yacht has a piano bar that allows guests to enjoy their cocktails with soothing piano music played by the resident pianist. It also has a home cinema facility for the guests. Its water toys include Water-Skis, Floating Pool, Kayak, 2 seat SeaDoo GTX 260 limited edition Jet-Ski, 2 seat SeaDoo RXP-X 260 Jet-Ski, 2 seat Kawasaki ZXI 900 Jet-Ski, Cayago Seabobs, Towable Toys, Wake Boards, Snorkeling Equipment, Scuba Diving Equipment and Dive Compressor.  Built to satisfy all the needs of its guests, O’mega truly is an iconic Yacht that charter guests must not miss when visiting the Greek Islands.

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3. Lauren L

Lauren L was built in 2002 and refit in 2008. The 295.28 feet motor yacht has a luxurious interior design coupled with amazing engine performance. It can accommodate up to 36 guests in 20 rooms, including a master suite, 1 VIP cabin, 8 double cabins and 10 double/twin cabins. It also houses 40 crews on board. All the cabins come with air-conditioning and en-suite facilities. They also have an onboard wifi connection. Its recreational facilities include VS Jetskis Waverunners, 700 Jetski Waverunner, Stand-up SuperJet Race Performance Jet-Ski, Windsurfers, Water-Skis, Bananas, Wake Boards, Kayak, Scuba Diving Equipment and Dive Compressors. The crew of Lauren L promises a perfect match between pleasure and performance for its guests to enjoy.

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2. Indian Empress

Indian Empress is a 311.68 Feet custom Motor Yacht built in 2000 and refit in 2015. It can accommodate up to 12 guests with an attendant in six double berthed cabins on the main deck and five twin berths on the lower deck. The master cabin includes a displaced study and a bedroom with a retractable television screen which allows guests to enjoy the view of the ocean through floor to ceiling windows. Featuring the appeal of Dutch craftsmanship, Indian Empress has all the modern entertainment facilities for its guests including a movie theatre, Gentlemen’s Lounge what has all the classy elements of vintage cigar lounges, and ample sunbathing space for the guests. The yacht also Features an array of relaxation options which include comprehensive spa area, a collection of towable water toys, and an assortment of gym equipment. Boasting aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior designs, Indian Empress promises to provide one of the most impressive vacation experience to its guests.

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1. O’Ptasia

O’Ptasia is the most luxurious motor Yacht on the Greek waters. It boasts state of the art facilities for its guests to enjoy. The 278.87 feet luxury motor yacht was built with Aluminum superstructure and a steel hull in 2018. It can accommodate 12 guests in its 11 rooms that include a master suite, 1 VIP cabin, 6 double cabins, 2 twin cabins and 1 convertible cabin. All the cabins have air conditioning and onboard Wi-Fi facility. The Motor yacht houses 26 crews on board who are always there to provide the best experience to their guests. O’ptasia has a generous deck area what have a wide range of amenities that include an outdoor bar, Jacuzzi and ample space for sunbathing and relaxation. Other amenities include BBQ, Beach Club, Spa facility, Swimming Platform, Swimming Pool, Deck Jacuzzi and Gym/exercise equipment. Boasting all of the most contemporary features, O’PTASIA promises to deliver a highly memorable private yacht charter experience.

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