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Syros is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Syros:

Island Overview

Syros is a Greek Island located in the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, and it is popularly called the jewel in the Aegean Sea. The island is just 78 nautical miles south-east of Athens. It is a magnificent Greek island with a rich blend of history with modernity. The island attracts tourists with its stunning sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and panoramic sceneries that will leave you coming for more.

Although the island is a perfect destination for a yacht charter in Greece, it is filled with thrilling and fun activities that you can try out. The island is also a great place to go for outdoor lovers as it is surrounded by fun outdoor activities to try out from strolling to cycling around the towns. After you have enjoyed a fun time at the lovely beaches, you can join fun jeep tours on the dirt roads that surround the island.

Syros, Photo by: endless_blue_from_syros (Source: Instagram)
Syros, Photo by: endless_blue_from_syros (Source: Instagram)


You are going to find Ormos Finikous, a sheltered bay on the SW coast of Syros. You will find villas around the slopes of Ormos Finikous and identify the light structure on Psathonisi. It is best if you stern or bow to the S side of the outer mole at Ormos Finikos. Although there are plans to re-lay moorings, you will use your anchor. If you can find room inside the basin, you can also berth your yachts here. You can also go stern or bows to the mole or along the inner mole. The bay experiences Meltemi and it is best if you berth on the outside of the mole where the Meltemi is blowing you off the quay.

Syros, Photo by: chrissgreece (Source: Instagram)
Syros, Photo by: chrissgreece (Source: Instagram)

General information

Syros is among the top tourist destinations in Greece with its panoramic sceneries. The island is a perfect summer destination as it offers mind-blowing beaches, unique culture, and mesmerizing architecture to explore. The island has a traditional Greek Island feel, and it is a hotspot for locals. The island is surrounded by little boutiques and markets that sell the daily needs of the locals. If you want to experience the Greek Island vibe without the crowds, Syros is the best place to go.

Syros, Photo by: kostasboukou (Source: Instagram)
Syros, Photo by: kostasboukou (Source: Instagram)

Places of Interest

Ano Syros

Ano Syros means the Upper Syros, and it is a stunning Venetian settlement that was constructed like a fortress in the 13th century. It is now used as the Roman Catholic quarter of the island, and it features a narrow and steep alleyway. You can wander around and get lost in the alley surrounded by a colorful balcony, stunning doors, and a hidden corner with a Greek chair where you can relax.

Ano Syros, Photo by: kostasboukou (Source: Instagram)
Ano Syros, Photo by: kostasboukou (Source: Instagram)

Agios Giorgios

This is a catholic church constructed on the top of Ano Syros. It is a great place to go if you want to enjoy mind-blowing views. You can also explore the interior of the church, which is also amazing.

Archaeological Museum

This museum is among the oldest in Greece, and you will find it in a majestic town hall on Miaouli Square in Ermoupolis. It houses a lovely collection of artifacts that shows the history of the island. You should also explore the building if you are an architecture enthusiast as it features three different architectural styles.


Ermoupolis features a rich history and diverse culture, which makes it one of the top destinations to go for history lovers in Greece. The town features Renaissance architectures like the Ermoupolis’ city hall. You should ensure you wander around the streets where you will discover picturesque squares and neoclassical houses that will leave you mesmerized.

Ermoupolis, Photo by: perfect_greece (Source: Instagram)
Ermoupolis, Photo by: perfect_greece (Source: Instagram)

The Assumption of the Virgin, Orthodox Church

This church is the second oldest church in Syros, and it was constructed close to the harbor in 1828. You will love its three-aisled Basilica, which features fascinating architecture and decoration. Once you step inside the church, you will be astonished by its interior decoration. The highlight of the church is the original icon of the Assumption that was painted in 1562 by Dominikos Theotokopoulos.

Apollon Theater

This theater shows the strong cultural heritage of Syros in Greece. It was constructed by an Italian architect called Pietro Sambo in 1864. Its construction was inspired by La Scala di Milano and lots more. The theater hosts numerous cultural events, operas, and theatrical performances on the island. It also offers tourists the chance to take Instagram-worthy pictures.

Vaporia neighborhood

This neighborhood is dubbed the Manchester of Greece. It is surrounded by majestic villas that belong to the wealthy families of the past. You can stroll around the neighborhood and then go for a refreshing dip at the nearby beach.

Vaporia neighborhood, Photo by: zoegeorgiopoulou (Source: Instagram)
Vaporia neighborhood, Photo by: zoegeorgiopoulou (Source: Instagram)

History of Syros

Syros is located in the center of Cyclades. Based on the archaeological evidence, it was inhabited during prehistoric times and later in the Cycladic period. According to history, the first settlers on the island were the Phoenicians that moved around the Cyclades. The Samians inhabited the island during the 6th century.

The Ionians built the Ancient Ermoupolis before the Persians, Romans, Franks, and Turks later settled there. During the Roman era, the island experienced significant economic development. The Venetians also played a crucial role in the cultural development of Syros as they make the island an essential trade center in the Eastern Mediterranean. The inhabitants of Syros then move the capital to the top of the hill called Ano Syros after constant pirate invasions on the island.

During the 17th century, the French conquered the island. Catholics inhabit it called the capuchins, and they founded a small monastery that is still active till now. After the Greek revolution in 1821, the island flourished greatly after emigrants from Chios, Crete, Psara, and Minor Asia settled on the island. The emigrants used the island as the center for their trading and maritime activities. During the early 20th century, the prosperous period ended because of the arrival of the German troops on the island. The local economy was destroyed because of the death of thousands of people due to famine and diseases during the period.

Syros, Photo by: glafkiroomsyros (Source: Instagram)
Syros, Photo by: glafkiroomsyros (Source: Instagram)

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