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Spetses is an island in Saronic Gulf, Argolic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnese, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Spetses:

Spetses, the westernmost island of the Sardonic Archipelago, is the island where, according to many holidaymakers, you will find the most exquisite beaches of the Sardonic Gulf. Scattered all over the island, they are accessible both from land (by bike, for example) and sea. Spetses Island also has a glorious naval history, epitomized in Laskarisa Bouboulina, a Greek heroine from the wars of the 1820s against the Turks.
Blue waters of the beaches, with green forests as a backdrop, make for exceptional swimming and diving, while cultural attractions of Spetses Town make for great sightseeing. Rich nightlife that promoted Spetses into a party island makes it an ideal place for a great holiday experience.


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