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Poros is an island in Saronic Gulf, Argolic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnese, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Poros:

Poros is another jewel of Argo-Sardonic, consisting of a small volcanic island of Sphairia and a much larger island of Kalavria. Poros Town, the capital of the island occupies a large part of Sphairia, with a small canal spanned by a road separating it from forested Kalavria. The main town of Poros is one of the most picturesque settlements of the Sardonic Gulf, facing mountainous Peloponnese on the other side of a narrow strait.
Verdant forests, attractive beaches and crystal-clear waters are the main reasons why travelers spend their holidays on Poros Island. Historical sites, such as Zoodohos Pighi Monastery and remains of Temple of Poseidon are a few places fans of history should check out here. Thanks to its mesmerizing beauty, many travelers consider Poros the best Sardonic island for exploring from the sea.


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