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Piraeus Port

Piraeus Port is an anchorage in Athens.

Athens is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Athens:

Piraeus PortPiraeus Port
Zea MarinaZea Marina
Marina AlimosMarina Alimos
Flisvos MarinaFlisvos Marina
Athens MarinaAthens Marina
Agios KosmasAgios Kosmas


Piraeus port is the chief sea port for chartered yachts in Athens and it is located on the Saronic Gulf on the western coasts of the Aegean Sea. It is located in the southwestern part of Athens on the Mediterranean Sea and it plays a critical role in the international trade of Greece. It is also a hub that connects mainland Greece with the cyclades and other islands in the country. The port is a major passenger and international cruise center that you will find in the Mediterranean region. Piraeus port is well connected to central Athens as it is surrounded by reliable metro, bus, and train service.

Piraeus Port, Photo by: maryagony (Source: Instagram)
Piraeus Port, Photo by: maryagony (Source: Instagram)

Getting to the port

There are numerous ways you can get to the port from the Athens center, but metro is the most convenient way. From Monastiraki station, your trip to the port from the Green line will last about 30 minutes. The metro lines run from 6:30 to 23:30 on weekdays and service stops at 01:00 on weekends.

You can use the Athens Suburban Railway which connects the Athens Airport and the port as it passes through the city center. There is also a bus service that connects the city to the port. Some of the bus options that you can choose from are bus 040, the express bus x80, and bus 049. Bus 040 connects the Athens city center with the port of Piraeus and you will find the bus stop on the Filellinon street. The express bus X80 connects the terminal cruise gates with Athens city center and numerous spots like Piraeus Archaeological Museum and Acropolis Museum. You will find the bus stop close to the taxi station. Bus 049 connects Omonia Square to Piraeus port.

Piraeus Port, Photo by: dimitris.tsioulis (Source: Instagram)
Piraeus Port, Photo by: dimitris.tsioulis (Source: Instagram)


Port of Piraeus connects Athens with the famous Greek islands like the Dodecanese, Cyclades, Crete and so on. It is also a central hub for numerous chartered yachts, boats, motor yachts, and cruise ships from all over the globe. The port has 10 gates which serve different destinations. There are ferries that depart to different islands in Greece everyday and you can check for more details about the ferry itineraries and also the ferry tickets.

Piraeus Port, Photo by: emi.2410 (Source: Instagram)
Piraeus Port, Photo by: emi.2410 (Source: Instagram)

Types of boats that are in the marina

Piraeus port is popularly known as a large hub for cruise ships and tourism and it is divided into various terminals. Some of the terminals at the port are container terminal, cargo terminal, automobile terminal, and passenger terminal. Some of the boats that you will find in the port are large container vessels, hydrofoil ferries, and ships.

Capacity and technical data

Piraeus Port is the largest passenger port in Europe and it is among the largest passenger ports in the world, welcoming about 20 million passengers every year. The port is a perfect base for sailing in Greece and it is equipped with state of the art facilities for passengers and it improves these facilities continually. Some of the amenities provided by the port are 3km pathways for disabled passengers, free transport services within the port, free Wi-Fi services, indoor and outdoor digital information displays, and canteens. The container terminal of Piraeus port offers tide-free deep-water facilities that can handle the largest container vessels. It has a total dock length of 2774m with a maximum depth of 18m and covers 90 hectares of land. It features more than 62 hectares of storage area with a 19.2 thousand square meter container freight station.

Passenger vessels use the central port and it is located between the Themistokleous and Krakari breakwaters. It is divided into areas for cruise ships and coastal shipping. There is a berthing position at the port which can accommodate eleven cruise ships at the same time and can accommodate the largest cruise vessels. The port has cruise facilities which includes a heliport and two passenger terminals. Piraeus port is equipped with diverse services for vessels and motor yachts such as telephone links to ships, water, and electricity. The private shipbuilding units within the port provide ship repair services. The port houses two dry docks and two floating docks used for ship repair. The large dry dock has the power to accommodate ships from 105 to 130m long and 18.8m wide while vessels from 19 to 79m in length and 12.8m in width use the small floating dock. You will find the Ship Repair Zone of Piraeus Port in nearby Perama and it is surrounded by numerous small and medium-sized ship repair units.

Here is a video showing the capacity and technical data of Piraeus port .

Piraeus Port, Photo by: maryagony (Source: Instagram)
Piraeus Port, Photo by: maryagony (Source: Instagram)

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