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Ormos Mikonou

Ormos Mikonou is an anchorage in Mykonos.

Mykonos is an island in Cyclades, a Greek sailing area.

The anchorages on Mykonos:

Ormos OrnosOrmos Ornos
Ormos MikonouOrmos Mikonou
Ormos Kalo LivadiOrmos Kalo Livadi
Ormos KalafatisOrmos Kalafatis
Ormos Ayios AnnasOrmos Ayios Annas


Ormos Mikonou is one of the top spots for sailing in the cyclades and it is located on the western coast of Mykonos. You will be mesmerized by the bay once you set your eyes on it as it is formed by two quay breakwaters that were formed in jetties with a circular shape and wide entrance. The bay is usually crowded and noisy and surrounded by motor yachts and boats that want to explore Mykonos town. It is also situated in a perfect location which is just 3 miles south of Mykonos town. Although it is sheltered from the Meltemi, it has a dangerous swell.

Ormos Mikonou, Photo by: asviaxes (Source: Instagram)
Ormos Mikonou, Photo by: asviaxes (Source: Instagram)


Yacht charters in Greece can anchor off Mykonos town in the light southerlies or easterlies. Crewed yacht charters can also anchor off in the two coves located S of the old harbor. In both bays, the bottom comes off quickly, and it is best if you anchor in 7-10m. Ormos Korfos is in the southerlies, and you can anchor 4-6m on the mud and weed.

Ormos Mikonou, Photo by: claudia_onodera (Source: Instagram)
Ormos Mikonou, Photo by: claudia_onodera (Source: Instagram)


Greek yachts can opt for Mykonos Yacht Provisioning Services for your provisioning in Ormos Mikonou. They cater for yacht charters’ groceries, beverages, cigarettes, flora arrangements, water supply, fuel, laundry, yacht cleaning, VIP transfer and chauffeur services, car rental service, and so on.

Types of boats that are in the marina

You are going to find dinghy and trippier boats here.

Capacity and technical data

The bay features a strong northerly wind at the entrance of the port with a dangerous swell. The NW winds can reach 1.5m inside the port and double outside. Chartered yachts should approach the bay with care due to the presence of rock in places close to the quayed parts. The depth of the southeastern part of the port is small, and it is perfect for fishing boats.

Ormos Mikonou is reserved for trippier boats after the partial completion of Mykonos Marina and yachts no longer allowed to berth in the old harbor. The harbor is usually crowded and noisy, and it has shelter from the Meltemi, but its swell can be dangerous. For charters seeking a serene atmosphere, you can head to the southwestern jetty. Some parts of the bay have berths without mooring lines, and it is not best to anchor here while the other part has berths in the bay have a mooring line with power and water available.

Here is a video showing Ormos Mikonou and the adventures that awaits yacht charters in the cyclades.

Ormos Mikonou, Photo by: youngman_k_ (Source: Instagram)
Ormos Mikonou, Photo by: youngman_k_ (Source: Instagram)

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